Sunday, January 22, 2012

CAS Week 2012

011812. wednesday.

january 18-20, 2012!

this will be the last time i'd attend the college week as a student. o man, i hate the thought of it. just to know that it's the last makes me feel bad. can't help but feel depressed somehow. this is the reason why i really don't wanna miss this event. i even begged tita car and joy to let me be on leave for three days. tough times. i thank god they allowed me. i couldn't afford not to attend all the events. i have waited for this with so much anticipation. 

CAS Week Day 1

i went to school at around 12 noon (pretty late. haha.) i missed ricky lee's talk. i wasn't able to get up early. my body felt so heavy. damn,i shouldn't have missed that. well at least i got my book signed by him.

there was no more event when i arrived, so we just watched the rehearsal of the candidates of the pageant. we gave our all out support to them even during the practice only. we were joking as if we were still in our ojt as roc and i assisted the candidates. you know, those little tasks you do as an intern. HAHA! little things, too much joy! haha.

then we went to the AVR to watch another rehearsal, this time by the 3rd year students who'll do una madre besa again. they did a great job during their first show so they deserve to be watched once more. haha.

by 6 p.m., we attended the premiere night of the entries for CASFA. there were films from other schools too. this was another funny part. there were no professors so we were all able to act according to what we want. no one's watching us. haha. aside from us, there were also the other students from CAS. i don't know most of them, neither do they know us which is a bad thing 'coz our college is known for having a tight bond and for knowing every single student under our department. since we are beginning to get bigger, it becomes harder for us to know each other. drawback of having a bigger family. we'll get over this soon. i'm sure. we'll find ways. HAHA. what we did during the whole film viewing was just to laugh at whatever was funny! as in! we were making noises, we were joking. haha. the things you won't exchange for anything in this world. honestly, i did not understand any film aside from our own entry, maybe because i was not really focused with what we were watching. i was too busy laughing and making fun of whatever. haha!

before heading home, we stayed and chatted for a while at commlab. 

CAS Week Day 2

this day was a blast. CAS SUPERSTAR and CAS ROCKS VARIETY SHOW. fun is the one word to explain all that happened on this day. i didn't have any involvement in any of the events. i was just a part of the audience the whole time. most of my classmates were present. we all watched. it's the least we could do to show our support. 
while watching the variety show. haha!
kreng was the representative of our class. she didn't make it in the CAS superstar but it's alright 'coz she did a great job and it seemed she enjoyed her performance. it was her first time to join such a contest and i must say she was good for a first-timer (as if i'm good in singing. who am i to judge her? haha!). haha. she was even able to make a trademark move while she was singing. "TRAVEL the world" haha!

the variety show was a success. i wanna congratulate those who organized and participated in the event. each section had its representatives. it's nice to see them all having fun. being part of the audience gave us the chance to just enjoy singing and dancing with all the performers. no worries. pure enjoyment.

CAS Week Day 3

i must say this is the happiest day of my college week this 2012!

though there were some issues about the program for CASFA and mr. and ms. cas, everything somehow ended up well. no more pointing fingers now. let's just all be grateful that it's done. 

we were supposed to have an entry in CASFA but our film entry exceeded the duration limit. it's alright though 'coz at least they let the film be shown during the premiere night.

i'm soo proud of ago and joo who were our representatives for the pageant. jonas should've been there if not for his parents' surprise to him. both of them were stunning and gorgeous. they deserved to be there. haha! joo was announced the 2nd runner up. not bad! congratulations to them. two thumbs up! hahaha. monica was crowned as ms.cas 2012! hooray! she really owned the night! she got almost all the major awards. i'm happy she'll be representing our college in the upcoming mr. and ms. lyceum 2012.
um pak! haha!
2nd runner-up si joo!
this is us. :)
rio, jusz, jamie, ago.
ooops! let's not forget yvonne's pasabog during the night! UMPAK! she arrived all done with her full make-up plus the hair extension she got especially for the event. she really gave meaning to the phrase HULING PAPAMPAM!
anne curtis ang peg ng lola mo. haha!
roc, yvonne, jusz!
but i guess i'm the real winner of the night! OM!

i have found a new love, three-day old infatuation as i call it. hahaha! his name is GIO. hahaha. he won the pageant too, mr. cas 2012! o well, what else can i say? i'm so proud of him. hahaha! by the way, thanks to rendell and to all my classmates for bullying me. if they didn't bully me, these things wouldn't have happened. my week became extra special because of him. hahahaha! too bad i won't be seeing him often 'coz my internship isn't finished yet. sad thing. I AM GONNA MISS A LOT OF THINGS! :(((




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