Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Of baby showers and birthday celebrations

092412. monday.

a September 22 and a September 23.
a Saturday and a Sunday.
a baby shower and a double birthday bash.
a lotta food.
a whole lotta singing. or should i say noise?
some crazy friends and some more crazy friends.
a weekend of revelry.         

September 22, 2012.
a baby shower(with a resort blessing on the side). HAHA.

the baby shower was for Baby Stephen, Yvonne’s first-ever child! woof-woof! sometimes, i think we, the classmates, are even more excited than the mom-to-be to see the little one come out. you can’t blame us. HAHA! but it didn’t really turn out to be a baby shower since it’s been celebrated alongside the blessing of the Prudenteses’ new resort and the birthday(which we initially didn’t know of) of Mother Zeny, Yvonne’s mom. we ended up just doing what we normally do - goofing around over some unhealthy food. HAHA. congratulations on the new resort! happy birthday, Tita Zeny! HAHA. i was with Jamie, Kreng, Jerome, Puring, Zhello, Sarah, Ketchup, and Ketchup’s Booboo. HAHAHAHA!
September 23, 2012.
two celebrators, two different birthdays, one blowout.

Roc’s is on September 23; Ago’s is on September 24. yesterday, Ago, Jonas, Ate Dakka, Sarah, Kreng, Jusz, and i went to Roc’s place to celebrate! fuckyeah, two days in a row. we were born for this. HAHA. Ago brought her self-baked/cooked cupcakes and empanadas. woof-woof! chicken, spaghetti, pancit, palabok, lumpia, cake, menudo, and salad were overflowing. the number of times i went back to the buffet table was...never mind. we even had takeouts! forgive us. HAHA!
Jonas, Jusz and i are not videoke fanatics. it’s for the reason that we don’t have the voice to sing. we are actually doing our friends a favor when we choose not to sing at all and break their eardrums. this day was an exception because our friends prevailed. we had no choice but to sing! THEY'VE BEEN WARNED. HAHA! among the three of us, Jonas seemed to be the one on a high, feeling and owning each song. he did eight songs from different genres (rock, pop, RnB) and eras (from the 90’s up until this year). there was a videoke delirium that day! by delirium i mean H-Y-S-T-E-R-I-A. not convinced yet? WATCH THIS.

looks like fun, right? it definitely is! :)


*thanks to Sarah for the photos, Kreng for the video. :)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bench Universe: The 2012 Denim and Underwear Show

091512. saturday.

i still have a hangover! HAHA!

first things first. thanks to Jerome for giving me ticket to watch, i wouldn’t have missed that show for the world.  HAHA!
the reason i was so excited? blame it on JAKE my love CUENCA. :)

Jerome, Jusz, Marfi, Lotalhie, and i watched the final night of Bench Universe: The 2012 Denim and Underwear Show at the SM MOA Arena together. good thing Marfi joined us. forget first day of work. right, Fi? we were all so game for everything. HAHA. we arrived early, so we still had time to catch up before the show started. been a while since we last saw the busy Marfi and Lotalhie. BTW, thanks for the Krispy Kreme treat, Lota!
the show began and the arena turned into a jungle!

the crowd’s energy was amplified when the models started putting the show on fire. oh well, how else would the audience react with such hot bodies gracing the stage? with every hot body showing up, there’d be a wild roar from the crowd, those of amazement, excitement and enchantment. HAHA.

enough talking, let these photos prove how great Bench Universe 2012 was. enjoy!
Me: hi, Jake! do you remember me? i was the one holding a light/glow stick...among the hundreds, remember! LOL. BWAHAHA.
America’s Next Top Model stars:
Sophie Sumner. she's so cute!
Allison Harvard. 
Dominique Reighard.
now on to the these sexy ladies. :) they were my favorites during the night.
Georgina Wilson, my ultimate girl crush ever! she's so beautiful! haha!
Jennylyn Mercado. i'm not a fan but she really stood out last night.
Bianca Manalo. she was such a refreshing sight. HAHA.
Lovi Poe was the sexiest and hottest that night. must say her entrance in that sea anemone float  was cool.
last but not the least, the HOT guys! DROOOOOLS!
Diether Ocampo.
funny. he’s one of the guys Lotalhie was waiting to see, but she missed him. she went to the powder room just when Diether showed up. poor Lotalhie. HAHA!
Enchong Dee. the canoe and the canoeing effect were great.
Richard Gomez, the original Bench model. he's ageless. girls still go wild seeing him.
Coco Martin. he was covered, but heck he still was so hot. YAAMMEEYY. haha!
Paulo Avelino. when he slightly inserted his hand in his brief, man he was so damn hot and the girls held their breath!  kanin pa po, dami pang ulam. HAHA.
the love of my life…

when the reason for my coming to the show got on to the stage, man did i freak out! i was screaming my lungs out. i didn’t know he’d be among the first to show up, so i was at a loss for words when Jakey love came up. swear to God he‘s the HOTTEST thing in whole universe! and when he stripped off that orange brief he was wearing to leave only a black t-back, i died! he playfully waved that thing he just removed and i was like, “Jake, you have no idea what that does to us girls!” HAHA! he killed it on the stage, baby! i’m not exaggerating, i’m speaking from the heart. HAHA! 
oh, your smile. I LOVE YOU, JAKEY. :)
after watching, i realized one thing. i don’t have a crush on him anymore, i’m now in love with him! HAHA. he’s the nicest person. he was the only one who approached the people waiting outside, the others just waved and smiled. what’s not to love? the angst, the body, the face, the personality.  oh Jakey, i’m totally under your spell. even as i’m writing(typing actually) this, i am still on a high and can’t help but smile. :)

Far East Movement ended the show with a bang!
another funny thing. before watching the show, i said i wouldn’t wanna wait for the stars outside the arena. heck, i, we ended up standing outside with the others. i was even subbing for Lotalhie as the frontrunner of the team sometimes. i did it not ‘coz i had no choice, but ‘coz i wanted to see Jakey! HAHA. oh Jake, what you do to me. HAHAHA.
dinner at Kenny Rogers was over, we should go home. but thanks to the very inconsiderate rain and greedy cab drivers, we weren’t able to do so. we had to kill time at Starbucks and wait for the clock to point at 4 a.m. before we could head to the terminal. was it the price we had to pay for having so much fun? HAHA.  we had no choice but to keep ourselves awake while waiting, so we ordered something to drink. i ordered for us and these were the names i gave the cashier girl when she asked. HAHA.
i did Lotalhie a favor and named hers Diether Ocampo. HAHA.
their drinks were labeled Jake Cuenca. HAHAHA.
mine was named Nona Cuenca. HAHAHA. i was Mrs. Jake Cuenca for a night.  balato nyo na sa'kin 'to. BWAHAHA.
t’was a LONG, LONG and CRAZY, CRAZY night. a lot happened when all we wanted was just to see Bench Universe. HAHA.

congratulations, Bench and Bench Universe! great job! thank you for giving us a badass show! we enjoyed it! :)

*thanks to jerome for some of the photos. 
*photo sources:

Thursday, September 13, 2012


080512. sunday.

after their ‘break-up,’ Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele start with the realization of how much effect they have for each other in such a short span of time. more than anything, they have reached a point when they have to admit whatever it is they are feeling, whether they are ready for it or not, and do something about it, compromise. carpe diem. the turn of events are all so sudden and the intensity of their obsession escalates even higher. 
i enjoy it when Anastasia’s inner goddess and subconscious battle everything out all the time. her subconscious would always be the rational thinker, weighing whatever runs through Ana’s mind. in contrast, her inner goddess would always follow the call of her fancy cravings. i’d always take the side of her subconscious. (fine, call me KJ or whatever! HAHA.) most of the time, Ana, the girl that she is, gives in to what her inner goddess desires. can’t blame her for that. HAHA.

i’m glad to know that Grey started to lay low with all his kinky fuckery here in Fifty Shades Darker. there are still a lot of fucking and banging going on, but at least they are not as bizarre as the ones in  Fifty Shades of Grey, not as overwhelming as before. HAHA. as they soften on this aspect, the idealistic and romantic streak of the affair soars to new heights as it becomes deeper (how’s that? soar then deeper? contradicting, aren’t they? HAHA.). ‘hearts and flowers’ blossomed and became the priority, making me all the more twitterpated every time. there are just so many, may it be a simple or an extravagant treat from Christian, his marriage proposal in the boathouse for instance! HAHA!

what made Fifty Shades Darker more exciting is the involvement of the third party people. HAHA. they vivified the story by interfering in the lives of the lead characters. Leila, the ex-sub who has become mentally unstable, challenged the relationship of the two. Elena a.k.a. Mrs. Robinson, the archenemy of Anastasia even before they met, turned out to still have a ‘thing’ for Grey and tried hard to make him go back to his old ways with her. another unknown character also surfaced, that someone who’s responsible for Christian’s near death encounter with Charlie Tango. these ‘add-ons’ saved the story from being boring and dull because of the routine that had fallen into place – uncertainty with one’s feelings, sorting things out, kinky fuckery, then romance. don’t get me wrong right there. i kept on reading, so it only meant it still had a thrill. HAHA.


i just watched a fan-made trailer of Fifty Shades of Grey with Matt Bomer as Christian and Alexis Bledel as Ana. oh, i can’t contain my excitement anymore! Matt Bomer or Ian Somerhalder will do. besides, they resemble each other and they both have that perfect Christian Grey aura. HAHAHA!

who’s your bet?
matt? ian?
but news tell us this man may be the Christian Grey.
ryan gosling?

*photo sources:

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Beanstalk-ing: Basha for a Night

090112. saturday.

it’s already the first of september. oh, how time flies. the days seem to likely just pass me by. HAHA.

what else is a better way to start the month other than being with friends? nothing can top that. no rain shower, no thunderstorm, no lightning, or even tsunami could stop us. HAHA.

faith, jusz, che, joson, alexa, katrina, and i celebrated the coming of the ‘ber months’ at Beanstalk Café. here’s the twist.  Julie, our girlfriend responsible for initiating this dinner date, was the one who didn't show up! she pinned us out. how strange was that? HAHA. she said she had a family affair to attend to. who are we to take her away from her family? we’re her GOOD friends so we should understand. it’s only sad that she missed out on this. HAHA. next time, julie, next time.

LAUGHING, GOSSIPING, BULLYING, EATING --- things we’re very good at. love us, hate us. HAHA!


i would like to thank our angels who gave us the tortillas and iced tea treat, JUSZ and KATRINA. i love having working friends. i know you know why. HAHA! of course i love them, working or not (but more if they’re working). I KID! HAHA!  

the night’s highlight was when our very talented joson sang with the band! wooohoooo! she was too shy, but she still took on the stage. we believe she has a good voice that’s why we think it’s only practical to let others know. or maybe we did it just to bully her ‘coz she’d been acting crazy lately (she’s actually always crazy, maybe only crazier now). HAHA. the other guests in the resto were already looking and expecting, so she was left with no choice. poor joson. HAHA! what’s even funnier was when we told the people that her name’s Basha (taken from the character played by Bea Alonzo in One More Chance). she would always tell us that she thought she was  like Basha, so for that night we made her wish come true (well,at least for that moment). see, joson? we make your dreams come true! HAHA!

watch her performance!


after her performance, the wacky and lively joson was gone. she’d been changed into the mad and embarrassed joson whose only wish at that moment was for the ground to swallow her completely. HAHA. she was overreacting, saying that she screwed it up. maybe there were some flaws ‘coz she wasn’t ready, but heck she still pulled it off. we kept on telling her she did well, but she just wouldn’t listen to us. HAHA!
our next gala this mid-September is already set. i’ll be seeing these crazies again. can’t help but be excited as i look forward to it. :D

*thanks to faith for some of the photos and the video. HAHA.


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