Thursday, September 13, 2012


080512. sunday.

after their ‘break-up,’ Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele start with the realization of how much effect they have for each other in such a short span of time. more than anything, they have reached a point when they have to admit whatever it is they are feeling, whether they are ready for it or not, and do something about it, compromise. carpe diem. the turn of events are all so sudden and the intensity of their obsession escalates even higher. 
i enjoy it when Anastasia’s inner goddess and subconscious battle everything out all the time. her subconscious would always be the rational thinker, weighing whatever runs through Ana’s mind. in contrast, her inner goddess would always follow the call of her fancy cravings. i’d always take the side of her subconscious. (fine, call me KJ or whatever! HAHA.) most of the time, Ana, the girl that she is, gives in to what her inner goddess desires. can’t blame her for that. HAHA.

i’m glad to know that Grey started to lay low with all his kinky fuckery here in Fifty Shades Darker. there are still a lot of fucking and banging going on, but at least they are not as bizarre as the ones in  Fifty Shades of Grey, not as overwhelming as before. HAHA. as they soften on this aspect, the idealistic and romantic streak of the affair soars to new heights as it becomes deeper (how’s that? soar then deeper? contradicting, aren’t they? HAHA.). ‘hearts and flowers’ blossomed and became the priority, making me all the more twitterpated every time. there are just so many, may it be a simple or an extravagant treat from Christian, his marriage proposal in the boathouse for instance! HAHA!

what made Fifty Shades Darker more exciting is the involvement of the third party people. HAHA. they vivified the story by interfering in the lives of the lead characters. Leila, the ex-sub who has become mentally unstable, challenged the relationship of the two. Elena a.k.a. Mrs. Robinson, the archenemy of Anastasia even before they met, turned out to still have a ‘thing’ for Grey and tried hard to make him go back to his old ways with her. another unknown character also surfaced, that someone who’s responsible for Christian’s near death encounter with Charlie Tango. these ‘add-ons’ saved the story from being boring and dull because of the routine that had fallen into place – uncertainty with one’s feelings, sorting things out, kinky fuckery, then romance. don’t get me wrong right there. i kept on reading, so it only meant it still had a thrill. HAHA.


i just watched a fan-made trailer of Fifty Shades of Grey with Matt Bomer as Christian and Alexis Bledel as Ana. oh, i can’t contain my excitement anymore! Matt Bomer or Ian Somerhalder will do. besides, they resemble each other and they both have that perfect Christian Grey aura. HAHAHA!

who’s your bet?
matt? ian?
but news tell us this man may be the Christian Grey.
ryan gosling?

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