Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Of baby showers and birthday celebrations

092412. monday.

a September 22 and a September 23.
a Saturday and a Sunday.
a baby shower and a double birthday bash.
a lotta food.
a whole lotta singing. or should i say noise?
some crazy friends and some more crazy friends.
a weekend of revelry.         

September 22, 2012.
a baby shower(with a resort blessing on the side). HAHA.

the baby shower was for Baby Stephen, Yvonne’s first-ever child! woof-woof! sometimes, i think we, the classmates, are even more excited than the mom-to-be to see the little one come out. you can’t blame us. HAHA! but it didn’t really turn out to be a baby shower since it’s been celebrated alongside the blessing of the Prudenteses’ new resort and the birthday(which we initially didn’t know of) of Mother Zeny, Yvonne’s mom. we ended up just doing what we normally do - goofing around over some unhealthy food. HAHA. congratulations on the new resort! happy birthday, Tita Zeny! HAHA. i was with Jamie, Kreng, Jerome, Puring, Zhello, Sarah, Ketchup, and Ketchup’s Booboo. HAHAHAHA!
September 23, 2012.
two celebrators, two different birthdays, one blowout.

Roc’s is on September 23; Ago’s is on September 24. yesterday, Ago, Jonas, Ate Dakka, Sarah, Kreng, Jusz, and i went to Roc’s place to celebrate! fuckyeah, two days in a row. we were born for this. HAHA. Ago brought her self-baked/cooked cupcakes and empanadas. woof-woof! chicken, spaghetti, pancit, palabok, lumpia, cake, menudo, and salad were overflowing. the number of times i went back to the buffet table was...never mind. we even had takeouts! forgive us. HAHA!
Jonas, Jusz and i are not videoke fanatics. it’s for the reason that we don’t have the voice to sing. we are actually doing our friends a favor when we choose not to sing at all and break their eardrums. this day was an exception because our friends prevailed. we had no choice but to sing! THEY'VE BEEN WARNED. HAHA! among the three of us, Jonas seemed to be the one on a high, feeling and owning each song. he did eight songs from different genres (rock, pop, RnB) and eras (from the 90’s up until this year). there was a videoke delirium that day! by delirium i mean H-Y-S-T-E-R-I-A. not convinced yet? WATCH THIS.

looks like fun, right? it definitely is! :)


*thanks to Sarah for the photos, Kreng for the video. :)

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