Monday, October 1, 2012

Philippine Football Peace Cup 2012

092912. saturday.

Kreng, Kreng’s dad, Jerome, Jamie, and i went to the Rizal Memorial Stadium to watch the finals night of the Philippine Football Peace Cup 2012. i honestly had very little idea when we got there. all i know was that we’d be watching Azkals play, not knowing for what and against whom. bear with my ignorance, please. HAHA.

okay, so i was never a sports fanatic until today. not that i hate them, maybe sports are just not my cup of tea. the only thing i ever wanted was to watch a good field game (soccer/football/rugby) live. the feeling when you watch something live is always different, always better. especially when you watch a game match, you get  carried away with the crowd’s cheer, you feel and drink in the intense energy and great tension between the players. woooo! EEEXCITINGGGG! HAHA!

so football, huh?

i was really having doubts if i’d enjoy watching this game ‘coz this ain’t something i’m very knowledgeable of, so i thought i might not understand what was gonna happen. but heck, the game kicked off and i never felt like i was lost or anything. HAHA! the crowd was crazy and always excited. their energy was so contagious! we were shouting and jumping with every goal from the Azkals! plus, we were seated in front, so the view was perfect!
yey! Azkals won! woof-woof! the game ended with the final score 3-1. i must say it was an obvious win. moreover, another reason to celebrate was the fact that this was the first time Philippines won in an international football competition after 99 years! that long, huh? history in the making. woooo!

Here are the winners:

Champion: Philippines
1st runner-up: Chinese Taipei
2nd runner-up: Guam
3rd runner-up: Macau

Fair Play Award: Philippines
MVP: Denis Wolf
Golden Boot: Denis Wolf    
Best Goalkeeper: Eduard Sacapaño
Best Midfielder: Matthew Uy
Best Defender: Jeffrey Christiaens
lemme just say this, Misagh Bahadoran and Denis Wolf are so cute! HAHA! they’re really very good players too. love you, Misagh and Wolf! ARF!


*thanks to Jerome and Kreng for the photos.

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