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I want your world to begin and end with me. – Christian Grey

Fifty Shades Freed is the longest of the three books, pretty understandable ‘coz this is the last. the novel narrated the life of Anastasia and Christian after marriage – the couple’s honeymoon, Leila’s visit, Ray’s accident, Ana’s unexpected pregnancy, Christian’s closure with Mrs. Robinson, Mia’s kidnapping, Jack’s connection to Christian, Christian’s disclosure of his past, Ana’s giving birth to a child, Christian and Ana’s family life in their new home.
He makes me graceful, that's his skill. He makes me sexy, because that's what he is. He makes me feel loved, because in spite of his fifty shades, he has a wealth of love to give. – Anastasia Steele

my hunch on who’s the great intruder that showed up in the last part of Fifty Shades Darker is right, no less than Jack Hyde (great guessing. *pat on the back* HAHA.). well, it’s super obvious. HAHAHA. in Fifty Shades Freed, it became clearer why he’s just so mad with not just Christian, but also with his whole family. 

the story has gone a long way since the first book. i had a great time with Fifty Shades Freed because a lot of things happened here, and they are not repetitive events. good thing there is movement in the story now, unlike the first two which are kind of stagnating at some points.

as with what i mentioned in this blogpost (Fifty Shades Darker), Christian and Ana have somehow laid low with all the wild fuckery. gladly, this book has even less sex compared to book two, which gives the readers an air of relief. HAHA. i find this to have more substance, since the author notably digressed the story from being all out on fucking to focus on the story’s real issue, Ana and Christian’s relationship.

I know his love is clouded with issues of overprotectiveness and control, but it doesn't make me love him any less. – Anastasia Steele

as the characters matured, the story has also deepened. as you know before, the affair of Ana and Christian makes me giggle with their twitterpating sweetness, now i’m just impressed and touched with their sweet and serious intimacy brought about by life’s challenges. their love went beyond being just about the two of them, it is now also concerned with their love for their family.
i’d like to say the ‘bonus materials’ of this book are the cutest! if you’re wondering why, it’s definitely because these contain things about the handsome Christian Grey! HAHA. these added extras are excerpts of Fifty Shades of Grey’s first chapters which were written in Christian’s perspective! can you imagine his thoughts and feelings exposed? it’s always sweeter when i look at things from a guy’s point of view. why is that? i just wish there’ll be a complete version of the books from his standpoint. that’ll totally be cool! HAHA.
all in all, i can say that i may now fully join the bandwagon, done with the latest craze. i enjoyed reading all three books despite everything. a total hooker is what this trilogy is. i must say i couldn’t stop turning the pages after i finish each. HAHA. also, my friends (Ago and Julie) and i seem to imbibe Christian’s ways, not his BDSM thing but his style of being a man of few but flowery and meaningful words. his influence is pretty obvious in our correspondences. Christian Grey is love. that’s all. HAHA.

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