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100812. monday.

heard this book has been making a buzz among readers, so i said to myself why don’t i also give it a try.

Abby Abernathy started off a new life away from her family with her transfer to Eastern University. everything is running smoothly until she bumped into Travis Maddox, a hottie in their campus famous among girls. Travis earns a living by fighting in underground fights. initially saying she wouldn’t even have the slightest feeling for this guy, Abby swallowed her words as she slowly fell in love with Travis. eventually, they’d find their relationship being haunted by the ghosts of Abby’s past and Travis’ behavior. and just like all other love stories, their extreme love for each other won over their almost irreconcilable and dysfunctional affair.
When I think about the future I see you. – Abby Abernathy

first of all, i just wanna say i love Travis Maddox to the bones! his overprotectiveness. his overpossessiveness. his freaky acts. the tattoo, the ring and all the rest! HAHAHA. i mean, he’s just the sweetest guy ever. everything he does is just so sweet, even those which are already too over the top. Abby is one lucky girl. his name alone makes me go gaga. Travis Maddox sounds so badass! HAHA.

I didn’t know I was lost until you found me. I didn’t know what alone was until the first night I spent without you in my bed. – Travis Maddox

Beautiful Disaster captured the picture of a typical relationship set in college (except for the marriage at 19. doesn’t look typical to me at all. HAHA.). it showed how youngsters become easily confused and get carried away with their emotions, the snappy decisions and unguarded actions.

reading this novel will either make you feel like a teenager all over again if you’re not a teen anymore or make you see how full of life you are if you still belong in this age bracket. it will surely make you relive and relate all your high school and college romances to this story. with the crazy friends, the cafeteria moments, the campus events, you get the total high school/college feel! HAHAHA.

this novel has a light plot with somewhat cool characters. light plot because it is in a campus set-up; cool characters because Abby is not just some pretty face, she’s also a poker genius (or should i say lucky poker player). Travis is a tattooed and good-looking underground fighter who also happens to be very intelligent. need i say more? HAHA.

I don’t want anyone thinking less of you because of me. – Travis Maddox

though i had fun reading this, their topsy-turvy story and toxic relationship got a bit dull and tiring somewhere near the end. you know that part when they just couldn’t find a way to work their shits out, it’s sorta exhausting. HAHA.

this is something you can have with you if you wanna read something during your spare time.

therefore, i may now conclude that Beautiful Disaster is a certified chick lit! i am recommending this book to girls who are fascinated with cute love stories. surely you will enjoy this one! :)

here’s the good news!

there will be another version of this, one which is taken from Travis’ point of view! how cool is that?! Walking Disaster will be released by next year. who’s excited? M to the E!
I knew the second I met you that there was something about you I needed. Turns out it wasn’t something about you at all. It was just you. – Travis Maddox

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