Thursday, October 11, 2012

21 reasons why i love FAITH

100912. tuesday.

Me:      it’s already your big day on the 12th!
Faith:   gift!
Me:      duh? you know i’m broke and you’re still expecting a gift?
Faith:   i want a blogpost about me! J
Me:      darn! challenging. i'll see what i can do. hahaha!

so, i have lined up here 21 reasons why i so love this person. actually, we can go over these reasons and the list would just be endless. that’s why i choose to point out only 21 most amazing things about her.

i love Faith obviously because…
-of her naturally curly hair. (trivia: the longer her hair becomes, the curlier it gets.)

-she has beautiful siblings: nemelyn HOPE and LOVE jane. (yes, the three theological virtues.) oh, let’s not forget their mom and dad, too.

-she has an amazing talent of knowing what habits (of her friends) to and not to embrace. (we've known each other for almost seven years and i never heard her say any swear words. no shits, no fucks, no nothing. now that's a skill, especially knowing the fact that she’s always with me. please don’t get me wrong. i’m not a ‘walking swear word’. HAHA.)

-of her fondness for turtles and cats. (she used to have a pet turtle and now she has a pet cat named Miming.)

-she travels to different places and i always have pasalubong when she comes back! :)

-she has this natural inclination for simplicity. she’s one of the fewest girls i know who don’t give a crap with how they look. what you see is what you get. (no fancy dresses, no make-ups, no nail polishes)

-she thoughtfully lets us use their house as our "orghouse".(we're free to come visit their place and do whatever we want anytime. but now that it's for sale, it's kinda sad. i can't believe we're losing our second home! okay, no more drama. HAHA.)

-i consider her my walking diary. my secrets are safe with her, i hope. HAHA! (well, i have enough trust in her that she's not gonna divulge any of my most ridiculous shares in life.)

-she knows how to cook good food. i don't.

-i think she's honest and sincere and straightforward. (i have nothing more to say about this.)

-she loves Twilight Saga as much as i do. haters, please get lost. HAHAHA. (she even bought a CD of Twilight movie's original soundtracks.)

-i believe she's easy to love and she deserves all the love she gets and more.

-she is such a health buff. (no softdrinks, no junk food? seriously? i don't even know how we became friends under those conditions. HAHA!)

-she is unbiased and free of judgment. (i'm  not scared of confiding in her. i know she's not gonna make a face no matter what she hears. she doesn't give a damn whether i do shitty things, and how she looks at me won’t change even when she learns the most insane and stupid things about me. i'm the luckiest to have her as a friend. J )

-we went to the same school in high school(at least from 2nd year) and college. (proud Johnians and Lyceans!)

-she's more of a listener than a talker. (and just when i need one like that, which is basically most of the time, do i come to her. HAHA.)

-she now has work. (and i'm just waiting for that friggin' day when she'd treat me. can't wait! woof-woof!)

-she sees beauty differently. (she adores the likes of Jodi Sta. Maria, Amy Austria and Ate Jennlou! HAHA.)

-she knows how to fight, too. (she may be friendly and all that, but she also knows how to put up a goddamn fight when necessary. she can be protective of people she cares about. bad people better not cross the line. you’ve been warned. HAHAHA!)

-she loves God. absolutely.

-she's my bru, brud, bruder, and that will never change. ever. :)

need i say more? what’s not to love?

i hope you like what i did. this is all i can give you ‘coz i’m broke as hell as of the moment. you said a post about you would be just fine, so here you go.

i had a hard time coming up with this because of the pressure you put on me. i gave this so much thought, so you better like it or else... KIDDING! BWAHAHA. 

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