Sunday, February 12, 2012


020512. sunday.

it was last friday when we left MALIBAY, the place which became our home for more than two months. bittersweet goodbye. it felt nice 'coz finally we'll be spending the end of each night in our real homes again. it felt bad somehow 'coz we have become accustomed to everything that malibay offered us, the people, the food, the noise, the fun, all! haha! but i guess we were all happier that we left. haha!
iced tea to cool us down as we panic packing all our things. haha!

my luggage is all set. but those things at the back are still in chaos. haha!
from hanawoods. tocino candy? tastes like real tocino. pwede pang-ulam. haha!
hanawoods and tapang are done with their internship. they have nothing else to do but to wait for graduation.

me? i still have three weeks at Perceptions which only means i'd be having long rides to and from work starting monday. well, that's life and that's what i prefer. haha! good luck to me. :) 

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