Sunday, February 12, 2012


021212. sunday.

i saw this flyer of some soyami soy chips. what's written here caught my attention. it read "A SOY STORY".
first thing that comes to mind of most people when they hear or read this word is anything incorporated with food or sauce. but it's not the case with us.

whenever we are on our way home from school, we'd always happily chat about random things. then, there will always, always be that one or two passengers we'd catch eavesdropping with our conversations.

how do we know? because... though they'd try hard not to obviously laugh, they're still obvious. hahaha! some would not even care if we notice them or not. some would just constantly look at whoever is talking without blinking eyes. but there are those who are so intense too. there's this one time when yvonne tested how focused this certain kuya is in listening to us. yvonne pointed to something not really interesting outside the jeep. before all of us could even turn our heads to where yvonne was pointing her fingers, kuya was already looking at that thing. HAHAHA! we all died laughing 'coz that just showed how intense he was. funny kuya. hahaha!

i don't know. maybe it's because they also find our conversations interesting that they would also be listening. or maybe we just talk too loud that they have no choice but to hear us.

from there, whenever we encounter this kind of passengers, we'd always say to each other, "Boy, may SOY." then, we'd all be searching who that SOY is. hahaha! 

thanks to them, at least every ride becomes more interesting and more memorable. HAHA.

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