Monday, February 18, 2013


021813. Monday.

Just in case you haven’t heard it yet, WE WON! Damn right we nailed it!

College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) placed 2nd in this year’s Cheerdance Competition. The College of Engineering (COE) still reigns as the champion, while the College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management (CITHM) went home as 1st runner-up.
Technically, they won. But I’m just so attached with this college that I still count myself in even if I had already graduated. I know, so clingy. Once a CAS student, always a CAS student. HAHAHA.
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This is just another congratulatory post for them. One among the many. They did great they deserve to know how amazing they were. J

What can I say, their performance was really something. It’s unexplainable how we, the audience, were able to feel their spirit oozing with confidence and passion. We had goosebumps not just once, but every time they perfected a stunt. One could actually see in their performance how badly they wanted to win.  I guess that was what truly brought them to victory - their strong desire to bring home the bacon. J
Frankly speaking, the trainers, the alumni and other third party people weren't really sure whether or not they’d make it. Not because they thought the kids were incapable, but maybe because they could feel that the kids still lack the drive to give their all. Also, all the other colleges were just as intense and competitive! Super! So to boost their energy, everyone who loves CAS decided to give them the push they needed. There was this overflowing support in different ways – money, presence, prayers.
So come Feb. 15, they all did what they had to do. They owned their performance! Yeehaaa! There were very few flaws. There weren't any stunt failures. They didn’t have poker faces. Their execution wasn’t lame. It was something to be proud of, truly. If you actually saw how they were during practice, the effect on you would be even greater. Those who helped during the training cried buckets of tears while watching because they knew all their efforts weren’t put to waste. To the CAS Pep members, it was a glorious moment. None of it would be possible without them. It was the members who have redeemed their place in the competition. Now that we once again claimed our spot, the only thing left to do is to never lose it again. J
Congratulations, CAS Pep!
Why are we doing this?


*thanks to Moning and Jejet for the photos!
*thanks to Eca for the vid

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