Saturday, August 13, 2011

talk show is ♥

081011. yesterday. 

we had our first major production in this TV production class, a talk show. liez, matapang, camille, jamie, hanawoods, ate girl, mame, and me! hell, it was soo fun! :)

080711 to 080811. sunday to monday.

we went to liezette's place to prepare everything, from the sequence guide down to the props. mame and i went to san pablo to buy the materials. all my groupmates were there except for ate girl. camille didn't stay overnight. the ever helpful masa was there too.

there, we had funny, stupid and crazy experiences. one instance was when we were supposed to buy three similar cheap ball pens. cartolinas as well. after paying, mame checked the receipt. we found out that one of the three pens was not of the same brand as the others! worse is it costs P69 where as the other two were only P6 or P7! then, the cartolinas were so expensive too! ordinary cartolinas would only cost P7 or P8, but what we bought were P22 each! SHIT. what was that! hahaha! luckily, the people from the bookstore allowed us to return the wrong things we bought and get the right and cheaper materials we needed. we know their rules, they can't return money. well at least, you can replace the items with other items. :) then when we were at national bookstore in SM san pablo, mame asked me to pay for the materials we got 'coz she had to go out. then, the stupid me gladly went to the line. i wasn't paying attention to the cashier. then, when i turned to look at the cashier, i was surprised and laughed at myself! haha. i wasn't actually falling in line at the right place! where i was was the line for those who want to photocopy papers! and since i didn't wanna look stupid, i stepped back and looked at the display items near the line. then slowly, i turned away and went to the right line. HAHAHAHA! i don't know why it happened, may be i was too tired to notice. hahaha! whatever. hahaha! it still was funny.

we were able to accomplish many important things during our stay at liezette's place. we were all productive and cooperative. it is something i am quite thankful for. all of them are oh so cooperative that it became contagious. as a result, i became cooperative and active too. haha.

080911. tuesday.

the day before the big day, i got home by 11:45 pm! we had to stay at school that late. we bought materials we needed, prepared the props, and practiced for a short time. the camera batteries were not so cooperative that time. one battery got lowbat after another. made me feel more nervous at the moment. glad that hanawoods was beside me. somehow made me feel less delirious. haha. i was the one in charge for the switching of cameras. sounds easy, right? HELL NO! fuck, i was not good at this. at first, i volunteered for the task 'coz i was enjoying it during our little activities. i didn't know it would be that hard for the talk show. i was nervous and pressured because my mistakes would reflect on TV. on TV, man! no one else would be blamed but me. so, how's that? FUCK. worse than that, my group mates would be affected if i fail to do things right. they'd get low scores. all 'coz of me. now, that doesn't feel right. i wouldn't mind if it would only be my loss. if their grades would also be hit, i'm dead. haha!

081011. yesterday. 

we were the first group to present and we were all so nervous 'coz it felt like we didn't have enough time to practice well. we weren't able to practice on that day 'coz we still had to finish and the other props and materials. DEYM. haha. i couldn't hide the feeling. butterflies in my stomach, baby! hahaha. then, the moment came. ms. gerby was already inside. she wasn't alone. she was with ms. myla and ms. cel! more butterflies now! haha. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and we were ON! SH*T! then, ms. gerby would go inside where we were from time to time. she made me extra nervous. haha. what's good was she somehow guided me with the shots. haha. but sometimes, i wasn't able to listen with what she was saying since i was too focused on what i was doing. and because i was hysterical as hell, i couldn't help but say shits like fuck while she was still there. those words somehow lessen the uncomfortable feeling (that's a personal opinion). haha!

my groupmates during the preparation of the props.

this is me looking all screwed up on cam. haha!

giveaways for the audience. haha.

our talk show's hosts: ate girl and jamie. haha.

the second group preparing.

*i got all these photos from paul's album. haha! big thanks to paul. 

the show went on smoothly. everyone was sensitive enough to know what should be done even without telling them. there were few mistakes. honestly, i wasn't able to understand the whole show because i was so nervous. haha. thank god i didn't screw up much! thanks to all those who helped and supported. to the guests too. hahaha! learned a lot from the activity, like A LOT! haha. production ideas and lessons. things are really better learned through experience. to hell with all the classroom discussions! haha. just kidding. more than anything, it was an achievement. :)

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