Thursday, August 9, 2012


073112. tuesday.

i finally laid my hands on the much talked about trilogy. well, i just finished the first book. :)

Anastasia Steele is a graduating student; Christian Grey is a multi-billionaire CEO. both met by chance. from then on they just couldn’t resist the attraction between them. Anastasia got overwhelmed in the world Grey put her into, a world she didn’t know exists until he met Christian. they have just started to analyze the possibility of making things work out between them, fully aware they both have different perspectives in life. there’s one thing that makes them stick together – their extreme desire for each other.

Fifty Shades of Grey is a very intriguing and exciting love story. the peculiarity and novelty of the situation provided its readers with things to expect and think about. this ain’t the usual romance we know. this is love and sex, and this is actuality. this is one of those books that get you hooked, but not one to consider as something among the best. it has a riveting story, just a riveting story. HEHE.

i assume this book has no particular climax (ironically. HAHA.) the story did not reach a conclusion. i don’t know. there maybe a climax, but i think it’s not much of a high point, is it? maybe the author chose to break the climax bit by bit instead of putting it in one blow. for me, the only highlights of the story are found every time they realize their “first times” and during that moment when finally everything dawned upon Anastasia. besides, this is just the first book. there’s more to the story that’s yet to be discovered.

what can i say, i’m also dazzled by the idea of Christian Grey. i do think this is also what makes the book appeal more to girls. HAHA. he’s the perfect representation of the modern day Adonis. HAHA. he’s a make-believe character, but heck all girls go crazy by just reading about him. he’s just so manly. his sincerity in trying to do things he’s not used to makes him more romantic and sexier. the only thing i don’t like about him is his need of the concept of domination and submission, and all that BDSM thing. i think it’s too much, though i believe the story won’t be as unique without it. HAHA. i’d giggle when there are cute and sweet scenarios, then i’d lose my interest when he becomes too dominating in everything.

and i don’t think i can escape from talking about sex since this is Fifty Shades of Grey. HAHA. many people describe this book as erotic. i say erotic would be an understatement because sex is just everywhere in this book, plus the sex is no ordinary sex. i didn’t even know such things exist. i also learned a lot on its technical side. yes, i do consider those things as sex’s technicalities. HAHA. the descriptions are all so visual and detailed for such extreme scenarios, and they’ve been illustrated too many times. do we really have to dwell on too much information right there? HAHAHA.

heard this is gonna be a motion picture soon. well, i wonder how they are gonna do that. i mean, that may just stir some more issues, knowing the content. its being a book already made the brows of many to arch, what more if it becomes a film? let’s just see how their creative minds will get the job done. HAHA.

so far, this book has consumed me with its kind of story that i’m excited to start with book two. the story has just begun and it still has a long way to go. can’t wait to figure out Grey! HAHA.

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  1. Hey there perv! haha. what i read in here is opposed to what exactly i thought of you.. what's this?! kidding. nice review shug. i also read some reviews via wordpress and one of them is entitled "fifty shades of garbage" hahaha. she is just so annoyed of the sex scenes in there. well, i cannot blame her(them) for that, it/ they(the whole trilogy) cannot be tagged as one of the bests. No climax, yes. haha. it's just the out of world-ness and the kilig moments (mostly on the first parts of book 1) got me hooked on it. But don'e get me wrong, i enjoy reading it and it sure is a page turner. P.S. some people think that the respect on women are affected here. tell me what you think. :)

    1. really? respect for women was violated? well, i do understand them. i know what they mean. hehe. kilig is something the novel owned. it's what made it a page turner. haha! yep, we enjoyed reading, both of us. haha! you agree with my blog? with what i think about the book? tell me. :)



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