Sunday, July 1, 2012


070112. sunday.

the last book in the trilogy of Stieg Larsson.

the moment i finished reading The Girl Who Played with Fire, i opened The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest right away. there was no stopping or else i’d be left hanging. they are so connected that i actually consider the two books as one. HAHA.

this book gave a clearer view of who really were involved in the many events of the story – who did what, who murdered who, who conspired with whom, who helped who. HAHA.

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest is a game of outwitting each other. one must be one step ahead from the other. as Blomkvist and Salander unravels the truth, the Section tries to prevent the truth from coming out. what really made the story more exciting is the fact that there are also other parties who intervene in the turn of events. each party has to decide which side they’re taking, Lisbeth’s or the Section’s. this is not just about Lisbeth and Zalachenko anymore. HAHAHA.

but the coolest thing about it, as for me, is the HACKING skills of Lisbeth. i’m amazed! (or am i just not really that good in computers that’s why i feel this way? hahaha!) it is so easy for her to dig into the computers of other people. thanks to her friends who are just as great in hacking. hahaha! i love it when she contacts her colleagues from the Hacker Republic and asks them for help to access/copy/destroy data in someone’s computer. what’s even more fascinating is the fact that they, at Hacker Republic, don’t know each other personally but they can count on every one when they need a hand. HAHA. suspension of disbelief – can a group with such great hacking skills exist and can hacking really be that powerful and easy for these people? HAHA.

tactics and resources, that’s what the characters used to play with in the story. the Section and Lisbeth made use of all the possible ways to win, even doing things they never thought they’d do, up to their last resorts. HAHA.

the real battle begins at the trial. this is the time when Lisbeth’s side starts firing their evidences and counterstatements. they (particularly Lisbeth) have been silent for quite a while. just when the prosecution thought they’d nail it, they screwed up like hell! they underestimated the power of the defense. HAHA.

i just can’t help but notice, Blomkvist really has a thing for women. he just can’t seem to resist them and vice versa. HAHA. in the three books i read, he’s had issues with Berger, Lisbeth, Cecilia, Harriet, and Figuerola. HAHA. you playful thing. HAHA.

i always find the relationship of Lisbeth and Blomkvist cute. HAHA. in this book, they don’t really get to see each other. their correspondence was only through the net but they always had the understanding. he always gets what she wants to say. she doesn’t say much most of the time but he got used to her and started to see right through her. HAHA.

thumbs up for the trilogy! HAHA. no regrets in exerting effort to finish the books! HAHAHAHA!

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