Saturday, June 16, 2012


061612. saturday.

another book i couldn’t seem to drop the moment i got a hold of everything that’s inside it - The Girl Who Played with Fire.

it’s the second book of the trilogy, following The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

i love how everything looks as if nothing’s wrong, like everything goes according to plan and all of a sudden something shocking happens to bring chaos. HAHA. well, there’s where everything gets exciting i assume. thriller, right? HAHA.

this time the story mainly revolves around the interesting character and past of Lisbeth Salander. she had been subjected to a lot of injustices and wrong accusations. this fact is what makes it distinct from the first book. the first book dealt with a wholly different story. in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, she could be considered an outsider to the case had she not been contacted by Blomkvist. i so love Lisbeth Salander. HAHA.

here, Blomkvist and his colleagues only wanted to expose those who were involved in Sweden’s sex trafficking business. Bjurman wanted to get rid of Salander so he could be free again. then, Salander got caught in between. she became a suspect. her past was dug up. all her efforts to be unnoticed for all of her life had flown away. Blomkvist came to her rescue. (that’s the only gentle part. HAHA. there’s a love story but a love story that is far from the flicks we know. HAHA. cute in its own sense.)

the chapters narrated the never-ending hunt – Lisbeth hunting Zalachenko, Zalachenko hunting Lisbeth, the police hunting Lisbeth, Blomkvist hunting Lisbeth and Zalachenko.

on a more serious note, i was so affected while i was reading. i don’t know. maybe because of Lisbeth, maybe because she’s a woman, maybe because she has suffered from injustice in the most cruel way. i know none of this is real but what the hell? i know in the outskirts of wherever there’s a Salander in so many women, those who suffered and were not treated. seems like the story’s totally gotten into my nerves, huh? HAHA. look who’s talking? who am i? i talk like i’m a women’s rights advocate. hehe. no, i just care. i’m a girl, too. would you believe? HAHA.

another thing, i know this is already a cliché but it is what it is. the book also tells us that no matter how hard we try to keep a secret, it will always find its way out, doesn’t matter if it’s for the good or bad. and that it will put itself where it should be so that things would start to fit the situation. in the book, this fact lead to the discovery of a lot of things about Lisbeth’s life and a secret agency’s operation.

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