Saturday, June 16, 2012

that powerful John Clements training...

060112. friday.

if ever you noticed, i've been quite inactive these past few days. i was always hella tired! been busy attending to a very important commitment. HAHA.

i was an active participant in the John Clements "Near Hire" Proficiency Training. it was an initiative of Lyceum of the Philippines - Laguna and John Clements Consultants, Inc. to help the fresh graduates prepare for their applications. sounds nice, ayt? HAHA.

i was kinda hesitant at first when i learned that the training was gonna last for two weeks (which would later turn out to be three weeks). as for me, two weeks is such a looooong time! hello, it's already half a month! honestly, i was like "what the heck?!" HAHA. but then, i still showed up on the pre-assessment day. like i have a choice??? HAHA.

our class was a mix of fresh graduates who were still up for learning. HAHAHA. (just so we wouldn't be tagged as bums or unemployed. HAHA.) we came from different courses. you have there ab comm, tourism, hospitality management, computer science, and accounting something(not sure of ken's) students. the truth is we have different reasons why we came in the first place. aside from being pressured by someone influential (HAHAHA), i wanted to try the training and what it offers. some really wanted to learn and be more proficient. some just wanted to do something while still unemployed. some wanted to be placed by the agency. 
during the graduation of our professors. HAHA.
the powerful CITHM people with ago, roc and jonas.
looks real. HAHA. (raiza, ken, bimby)
raiza, darwin, katchie.
rhec, raiza, kuya renz.
the reason the originally two-week training would be three weeks was because the first week was spent for the encouragement/recruitment of other fresh grads to attend. we had to be 25 for the class to start. and there, we were thinking that the moment we had pre-assessment was day 1. hell no. we were wrong! HAHA!

we were taught about three important things during the training- pronunciation, grammar and fluency. for the whole day everyday, we were given lectures that would provide us knowledge and activities that would further enhance our skills. there were mock interviews, raps, jazz chants, speech choirs among others. what's good about the activities was that they were mostly group efforts so we had the chance to get to know our new "classmates" more. i was able to make new friends. the awkwardness faded as days passed. we even reached that point when training days were what we were looking forward to. 

what's even more fun was we got to learn new terms from our new classmates. POWERFUL, AY PLEASE, APPRECIATE, APPLAUDED, DOONSING, DYANSING, GANOONSING! hahaha! thanks to CEDRIC and RHECA for these! they are just crazy!
presentation of jazz chant. HAHA. past tense team, the winners!
i'm glad ago, jonas, roc, jamie, sarah, faith, cedric, rheca, raiza, shine, zandro, katchie, darwin, ken, and kuya renz were my classmates in that training.  i was amazed by how inspired and motivated they were. they were never scared to try again and again and again. they were always open to opinions/criticisms.  :) what's even more fascinating is the fact that we were still able to have fun while learning. the atmosphere inside the classroom was always so light and easy.
fooling around while waiting for the trainer to come. HAHA.
whatchalookin' at, mister? HAHAHA.
break time. haha! 
i must say that the training has been a great help 'coz we have seen how drastically all of us improved in just a few weeks. i'd like to thank the trainers (Sir Jon, Ms. Gerby, Ms. Cel, and the assessor, Ms. Vera) for being patient and forthcoming all the time. they never considered our mistakes as mistakes but as rooms for improvement. they never got mad at us. HAHA.

and just last monday, 061112, we had our graduation and final assessment. HAHA!
a few words from the assessor herself, Ms. Vera. haha!
the team.
sir jon. :)
and after everything...
hmmmm? HAHAHA.

*thanks to sarah, faith and jonas for the photos.

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