Monday, May 21, 2012

The "Pourists" of Laiya

051912. sunday.

poor + tourist = POURIST (i coined the word and i know it sounds weird! haha!)

i just got home from another crazy swimming with my high school friends! HAHA.

we planned this a long, long time ago. when was that? last, last semester? originally, maybe around 14 people were involved in the talks. problem was the nearer we got to the set date, more   people turned down the invitation. we ended up going with only the EIGHT of us! well, what's new? we've always been just between these numbers. 12 or more would be a surprise. HAHA.

joson, alexa, jusz, kevin, alexis, mel,ver and i went to Laiya to have a break from all the hustle and bustle in our lives - at home, school, even at work. HAHA.

the couple :)
alexis and leomel.
me. HAHA.
we got to the beach at around 4 p.m. it took as a while to find a place. we were all starving then, so we ate first. then, OFF WE GO TO THE WATERS!!!

IN THE WATERS, stories were told, secrets were revealed, feelings were opened, views were seen, limits were laughed off. HAHA. by limits i mean money, people and food. we lacked in many things but at least, we still managed to enjoy the night. POURISTS. :) mel, lex and i stayed and chatted until 4, while joson, kevin and jusz woke up early to swim again.
a great way to start the day.  :)
until next time, LAIYA. :)

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