Tuesday, May 1, 2012

what's in a name? people and characters defined.

042512. sunday.

this is dedicated to ABAKOM KWATRO UNO. :)

i don't know how to tell them i'm grateful to have them so i decided i'll just say my thank you's through this. this is my way of showing how much i appreciate each.

this is how i've known them. this is how i've loved them. i've been with this batch for four years and four years ain't no joke.   we've seen each other in all our ups and downs. one way of knowing a person is by looking into one's experiences and it is experience that shapes the totality of an individual.

here are the 24 people who used to be strangers but now account to a great part of me. i'd feel totally incomplete with the absence of these wonders.


A leader is a leader by heart when it is manifested in all her actions. That is Cathy. As the president, she has shown courage and accountability in forerunning her army, only that her army is composed of students who can never be tapped as ordinary. From being the photocopy girl of the class to the student council leader, Marfi has proven that there is more to her that other people don't see. Her experiences made her what she is right now, stubborn but knows when to submit herself to her people. It is in her struggles that people saw her strength; it is in tough times that she earned love from people who matter to her.


Jonas can be described in so many ways. He can be tagged as the class' "Mr. Nice Guy" or "Mr. Congeniality". He's everybody's friend. He just knows everyone, he just has to know everyone. He'd always be the first to mingle with the new babies of CAS. Well, Jonas isn't one who's hard to be comfortable with anyway.

Oftentimes, it is hard to find him 'cause he loves to roam around the campus and talk with whoever he sees. The "Ronda Boy" that he is, Jonas may be found in the CommLab playing and laughing with his classmates, in the cafeteria getting something to fill his stomach, in the faculty room talking and negotiating with the professors, or in the lobby waiting for CommLab to be vacant.

Oh, he loves to coin names for his classmates too! Who started calling Justine as Joo, Ago as Pagong, Nona as Bonz, Joanah as Hanaoj, and Joey as Uwie? They're all his idea.

But inside this boy so perky lies the heart of a child, a child who lives in love and is yet to learn more of life.  


Ago is the all-around photographer, make up artist, layout artist, sketch artist, designer,  guitarist, and many others of the class. She's been blessed with so much that her classmates start to abuse her kindness (HAHA). Kidding aside,  she has always been willing to share the talents she has for the benefit of all. She also has this gift of being resourceful. She can make something beautiful out of hopeless stuffs. She is sometimes absentminded though, becoming unaware of many things around her. Maybe it is during her preoccupied moments that she gets to think of unique concepts. Her playful mind's potential is seen in her out-of-this-world yet great ideas. This is obvious even in her styles/statements, some may see her as fashionable while others would just raise their brows at her. It doesn't matter though 'cause she's got herself all figured out. So long as she enjoys what she is doing, she knows she can never go wrong.


Aileen or Mame is obviously the mommy of the class. She cares like a mom, worries like a mom, gets mad like a mom, and loves like a mom. Whenever there are sleepovers, Aileen would surely be the one busy getting her hands dirty in the kitchen and preparing for dinner.

Acting is her craft. She is even responsible and capable enough to head the Lyceum Theater Ensemble. Her acting skills had been proven many times in the many roles she played. Aside from the talent, being reliable and hardworking made her a qualified leader.

She admits she's not perfect, nobody is. Aware of her strengths and weaknesses, she finds ways to turn her flaws into something helpful in becoming a better person while she boosts and makes the most out of her strengths. She doesn't look at his imperfections as a fallback but as a motivator to never stop improving.


Want to know the latest in the techworld? Need to hack and unlock the mysteries of your gadgets? Who to look for? Brace yourselves for the tech-savvy Roc. He's just got a thing for all these trendy stuffs (the things we don't understand anymore, HAHA). He simply mastered everything about these and everybody would just come to him for help.

Aside from being Mr. Techy, he's also known for the other things he's good at. One is dancing. He made the Lyceans proud as he was once part of the Lyceum Spartans Dance Troupe.

Together with Ago, he's been into layouting as well. Newspapers, magazines, photos? He's got them all covered up. Not to mention his editing skills, too! He's known for doing things slowly but surely. He doesn't leave page one with anything undone. Once he turns to page two, there's no more coming back to the previous page.


Patay-patayan? Nobody else can play that except Hanawoods. It's a game none of us knew until she showed us what it was. Who would forget that epic moment when she tried to escape from being caught by Ms. Gerby? I bet none (HAHA).

Her craziness is what her classmates love most about her. She unconsciously does things that would make her classmates happy. I'd say it's a gift.

More so, she's a loving Christian. Her classmates respect her for being one. Her love for the Man above is unquestionable, and so is her friends' love for her.


No one would dare get on the way of Tapang unless they want trouble. At first sight, she'd look shy and modest but once people hear her talk, the story's changed. Brought about by her Batangueño accent, her classmates would often get the wrong impression that she's mad and shouting when in fact she's just talking in her normal voice. As time went by, her classmates learned to love her for that. But really, she is Matapang in her own way. She wouldn't let people do her harm. She'd always stand by what she believes is right.

She has also been known by her friends as someone who'd finish whatever she is asked to do. And, she always gives her best shot in all that she is doing.


Yvonne is the Class Clown and there's no doubt about it. Countless are the times when she has made all her classmates laugh. Who would forget about the frustrated actress Stephanie Gleimour? (HAHA)

Her talent for dancing is another remarkable talent of hers. This petite girl always stands out in the group as she has her own style with the way she moves. She loves to perform. She loves the people, their applause and their cheers.

She has forgotten about the shy Yvonne that she used to be. Now, she owns the stage like no one can take it from her. May she be on a real stage or just in the classroom, Yvonne stars in a performance where the audience would end up holding on their stomach as it already hurts due to too much laughter. She has that gift of making people happy. And in return, their laughter becomes her reward.


With his concern, love, attention, and authority amongst his classmates, Jerome is forever the class kuya. Whatever it is that he is at home is exactly how he acts in the four corners of the classroom, treating each as his sibling, caring for each as his own blood. He doesn't want any of his brothers and sisters to be left behind in all his endeavors. He wants his classmates to be part of his every success in life.

Despite his kuya image, Jerome still knows how to have fun. Always on the go whenever there are happenings, being the first to pull his friends to join! More than anything, he knows how to tell jokes, jokes which oftentimes only those who share the same thoughts can dig and ride on with (those silly, dirty jokes only they know. HAHA).

Just a piece of advice, there's this one thing that can easily tickle Je. If ever you had misunderstandings and you'd wish to make it up to him, just give him FROGS and he's surely gonna forgive you in an instant! (HAHAHA)


She wasn't there when the class originally started out but she was perfectly able to fit in when she came into the picture. It felt like she didn't actually miss anything, like she'd been there since day one. She has often served as the illuminator, the one who'd tell the class what's more likely to happen. If ever a problem arises, she is surely the one who'd show them what the consequences might be, both the good and the bad side. She'd be willing to do things wherein not only she will benefit, but all.

Liez has found a new family in the presence of her classmates. Her classmates, likewise, have found a new home with Liezette's family. It is in their simple abode that her classmates experienced the perfect sense of belongingness. There's no other place where they feel most welcome. :)


"Maagap" is the perfect word to describe Moning. Before anyone is done, she's already over it. She is admired for always reminding her classmates in all things. She's among the most reliable in the class, especially with academic matters. When it has come from her, believe it. She has always been attentive in all her classes that's why rarely does she miss any reminder from her teachers. I bet the class must be thankful to have her, assuming that some aren't as willing to jot down notes whenever the teachers tell them to(HAHA).


Voluptuous, Awesome, Indeed - these are just some of the words Paul loves to use all the time. He'd always, always find a way to use them. (HAHA) He had been fond of learning unfamiliar words ever since. Once a prof said something unusual, it could never escape Paul's ears! He'd even write them down so he wouldn't forget.

He's also a very, very good singer. Does anyone have a problem with that? (HAHA) He's got this love for music, only that, music doesn't love him back. Poor Paul. (HAHA) Moreover, he's a very graceful dancer. Oh, all those universal steps he does! Single, single, double, double. (HAHA)

Kidding aside, this God-fearing lad has shown dedication to his work. Despite all the deadlines, he still manages to have time for their church activities. He makes sure he doesn't neglect any of his priorities as all are important to him. He even finds time for his passion, SINGING! (HAHA)


The "Bubbles Paraiso" of the class, Vyna knows how to project on and off cam. Her aura, when she smizes and poses, is unquestionably similar to that of a model's. Her morena skin fits her so well that it has become her asset. Aside from that, her classmates like the way she articulates. It's like music to their ears every time they hear Vyna deliver. There's something about the way she does that which makes her classmates enjoy listening to her. But more than her aura and fluency, it is her being fun-loving and cheerful that her friends enjoyed Vyna's company. Once an upbeat music starts playing, she's surely among the first to get up and start dancing to the tune. (HAHA)

The only problem with Vyna is she'd always be there when they plan to go here and to go there. She'd say "i'm in" but on the day itself, not even a shadow of Vyna would be seen! It's her mark!


Though a simple lassie, Camz still manages to make some girls feel envious because of her to-die-for-body-contour and height. With a soft makeup and a little do on her hair, she's absolutely gonna make everybody's head turn, just like what she did when she joined Ms. CAS 2011.

She's got the skill for hosting, too. The clarity of her voice lets everyone enjoy listening to her. Back in first year, her classmates would often compare her to Toni Gonzaga and she'd feel humbled by the compliment.

Oh, let's not forget that song Camille loves to play every time she sees a piano, "Sa puso ko'y nag-iisa, kahit mayrong iba..." LSS. (HAHA)


Joo has a disorder. She's an OC. Just kidding! (HEHE) The truth is it isn't that severe but she really is a very organized person. Everything has to be in its proper place or else she has to put it where it should be, though sometimes she just lets her things be in chaos when she doesn't feel like organizing them. (HAHA) This trait of hers is admirable since not many are like her.

Joo is also a sentimental person. She loves memories and remembrances, those that remind her of an important day in her life. Whether it's a grand gift or just a simple letter, so long as it's coming from the heart, she's surely gonna treasure and keep it forever. She's attracted to beautiful things but she doesn't crave to have them. She's not the type who wants to have this and that. She is easy to please and she does not demand. It is in the little things in which she finds true happiness and contentment.


When the class hears the song "Insensitive," Kreng is the first person that comes to their mind. Her version has immortalized the song that it'll forever be special to them. But, insensitive isn't really something that Kreng is.  She's, in fact, sensitive enough to know when her friends need her most. Also, she has the voice, literally and figuratively. She's never afraid f raising her hands whenever she has questions, she never has second thoughts in trying to answer when no one has the guts to do so. Outspoken but knows when to stop and listen.


His love for acting is undeniable. He never gets tired of investing time, effort and money with those acting workshops. He believes that each workshop has something unique that other workshops don't teach him, that's why he tries as many as he can whenever there's a chance. He has proven his worth and learning in the accomplishments he had - successfully directing Buhay Echosera, Mr. and Ms. CAS and Mr. and Ms. Lyceum. He's got the gift of drawing the line between playtime and work mode among his people. Whenever he  tells his classmates enough of the fun for the moment, back to practice, they wholeheartedly submit themselves to his demands since they know it's for the better.


With a voice so powerful, a face so beautiful, a skin so white and smooth, what else would this girl ask for? (HAHA) Hell yeah, she 's a very good singer, something that many of her classmates want to be (HAHA). With a voice like hers plus some witty ad-lib, no wonder she's also good at hosting. Her skin is as effortlessly white as the snow. No doubt about it!

She's Ms. EIC. To her, grammar, construction and thought matter most. Once she returns your articles, don't be shocked to see a lot of red marks on your paper! Just doing her job!(HAHA)

On top of all the compliments is a secret, her best asset is not in those mentioned earlier. Her ace is her beautifully shaped... FEET!  Wanna know why? Go see for yourself! Got any problem with that?(HAHA)


Bai Johreen Guardiano, Patricia Camille Hitomi Castiliogne, Ri-ri  Guardiano, Johnri Guardiano - don't be confused. We're all talking about the same person. He just loves to play with his name!

Jot is a natural entertainer. Even without the intention, he can make people laugh. Sometimes even when he just snaps, stares, walks, talks, makes a face, people just can't help but laugh. There will always be something funny in everything he does. As the Rihanna of his batch, Jot is the total performer. Impersonation is what he's been doing since who knows when. Bet even with his eyes closed,  performing's just a piece of cake. 

Underneath the funny Jot that everybody knows beats a heart as sweet and gentle as that of a woman's. It's easy to make him happy, equally easy to hurt him as well. His search for true love isn't over yet. When he finds the right person, he promised he's never gonna let go. Right, Ri-ri? (HAHA)


Who's up for a movie marathon? Sarah will never be out of the list! Before anybody else, Sarah already has a copy of whatever's the latest! Where she gets them? Nobody knows. (HAHA) It has always been her favorite pastime. This is basically why she and her classmates get along so well, they share something in common. You can rely on her all the time. What to watch? Ask her. She knows best. (HAHA)

Aside from being a movie-lover, she's also into something more serious and fulfilling. Being maka-KALIKASAN has become a part of her system. She was further consumed by the trait when she joined the org of the same name. Since then, she's been game for hiking and other environmentally inclined endeavors, all those body stretching activities. (HAHA)


She's the shy-type Ate Dakka of the class. Most of the time, you can find her in the corner of the last row with Ate Girl, Hanawoods, Ate Nikki, and Kuya Sonnie. She's like a ninja. One moment she's there, another moment she's gone. (HAHA) You don't see her involved in all school activities but that doesn't mean she doesn't cooperate. Once there's something that needs to be done, you can count on her. Just let her know. She'd be willing to give a hand. :)

Her classmates may see her as quiet and shy, but you have to realize, this girl knows how to party, how to party hard. (HAHA) She loves to have fun with her friends. Remember those Java days? (HAHA)


If you don't really know Juwie, Puring, Purita, Uwie, or Wie, you'd think she's some barako, warfreak and careless junkie. But, she's not. She's the total opposite of what you think. She can sometimes be the sweetest and softest of people (being the first to cry at times. HEHE). She's loved by her classmates for being true with her feelings all the time. She's not scared of voicing out whatever she thinks is right. And, she stands by her friends' side in times of need, even fighting for them when they can't do it for themselves. She's easy to please. Simple things can put a smile on her face right away.

On a lighter side, she loves SHOES! She'd spend more buying a nice pair than she would with food. That's one funny fact about her.  Talking about fancy things , she invests money for beautiful shoes. Oh well, who doesn't want good shoes? As she once said, the kind of person you are can be seen on the shoes you wear.


The first sem his classmates met him, he was wearing a thick headband and he had nothing with him, no notebook, no bag. Then, the headband evolved into a hair clip. The succeeding sems showed a newer Ate Girl. The next time they saw him, he didn't have anything on his head anymore but he was then carrying a bag, a shoulder bag. (HAHA) And because he got more serious with his studies, the shoulder bag began to be carried with a plastic envelope (containing their thesis) every time he attended classes! (HAHA)

Ate Girl, as most of her classmates and even professors choose to call him, spent 13 years in college and he doesn't give a good goddamn about what people say. Besides, it is his life, not theirs. He'd often say that he's glad he met this batch. One thing's for sure, this batch is just as thankful as he is. He's a proof that it's never too late. Even at his age, even when he admitted he did wrong things before, he still managed to work harder and continue. Come to think of it. He's not different compared to others. It's just that it took him a little longer time before he marched and got his diploma. That's it. (HEHE)

As a classmate, he's a very perky one! His jokes would always be juicy and funny! When he's talking about his fascinating stories, all eyes and ears are directed to him. Who can say they didn't laugh with any of Chekays's jokes? I bet none. (HAHA)


Ate Nikki is the silent-type student. Ironic how she chose the course when her personality (the quiet) is quite opposite to the fact that many times a Communication student has to be loud. Her simplicity is what makes her beautiful. But once shades of colors are put on her face, she becomes even more beautiful!

The class haven't heard from her in a while. They surely miss her now. We hope to hear from you, Ate Nikki!

there's one thing i realized while i was writing about each of 'em. it was so hard! i don't know. not because i've got nothing to say, but because there's a lot i gotta share about everyone  that i don't know where to start. we can start to talk about them and i will just not run out of anything to say. these people are just soo beautiful.


  1. Nice one sugar. Gotta include this in our coffee table book. Jamie and I already decided about this. hahaha. You are so damn sweet like a tubo. hahaha.

    1. don't. this is too informal for a coffeetable book. i'm soory but i disagree.

    2. naw. don't show your dumbness here man. we want to include it in our coffee table just the way you've written it.



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