Friday, May 18, 2012


051812. friday.
when i first tried to read the book, i thought i wouldn't understand so i just closed it. but i badly wanna read this so i opened it the second time and seriously run through the pages. 

i love it! stieg larsson didn't disappoint me! (like i'm someone great who he didn't wish to disappoint? hahaha!) i enjoyed it even if it was a long read.

yes, it's a thriller. what made me like it more is the fact that the story revolved around a chaotic family's mystery (the crime and the murder). how Blomkvist dug into the family members' secrets and history added to the excitement of it. other novels would usually deal with a murderer who kills people with a pattern (at least with those that i've read). the same goes with this only that it's within a family which makes it a more intimate matter(though there are a few outsiders involved as well). that fact spiced up the story! HAHA.

"The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" is actually a story where one  event becomes linked  to another event. Vanger used Blomkvist's weakness to make him work for Vanger's agenda. it's a story where two problems need to be solved - Blomkvist's unfinished expose and the disappearance of a Vanger. 

i love the character of Lisbeth Salander, that anorexic antisocial who happens to hate knowing that she has a photographic memory (wish i'm the one who got it)! HAHA! i like how physically she wouldn't look as if she's capable of doing anything genius. she just doesn't care about anything and she's the boss of her own life. she works only when she wants to, she's not after the money. investigating other people's dirty lives is just a hobby to her. she's doing it to satisfy her call to solve it. i like how that girl with the dragon tattoo becomes vulnerable all of a sudden when it comes to Blomkvist. Salander has feelings too. HAHA. 

it wasn't so hard for me to picture out the lead characters since there is already a motion picture for this novel. every time the scenes play in my head i'd just have to think of Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara's faces. HAHA. 

now i can't wait to see the movie. i wanna see how they played with the novel and how they put the details in the film. usually, people feel bad 'coz the books are way, way better than the movie. let's see if the same goes with this one. i hope not. :)

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