Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Or should I say WKNDS? :)

Some things happened over the two consecutive weekends, so I’m going to indulge myself by oversharing.

To briefly sum things up, I spent some good quality time with my family, friends and boyfriend.

March 12, 2016 | Saturday

This was the day I paid a long overdue visit to my school, Lyceum of the Philippines University – Laguna, for some good time with a few of my friends. There was nothing like bonding with friends in the same place that got us all close together. It was a well-timed visit since the school was celebrating its 15th Foundation Anniversary that week.
Though catching up with friends and school was my primary reason for going, I also went because of PNE (Parokya ni Edgar). Despite already watching PNE perform there before plus the other time I did when I was still in Grade 5 or 6, I still wanted to see the band again because why not??? The guys know how to put on an entertaining show for everyone through romantic/comedic lyrics matched with humorous banters. It was a no-brainer go-go. :)

Rekta, a local band led by our good friend Kuya Bogs, performed as a front act too, so that was a bonus.
The crowd sang and clapped along, and we did too. I was not able to keep count, but I think the band played not more than 10 songs. That was fine because at least I enjoyed all of them. The concert ended a bit earlier than expected, around 9:30PM, so we still had time to have late dinner before calling it a night. :)

We spent more time in front of the stage, so catching up wasn’t given much attention which is why I hope to see them again soon.

March 13, 2016 | Sunday

Whenever there are family gatherings, I make sure to make time no matter what. Even when I already have a prior appointment, I find a way to squeeze in a few minutes or hours to attend family events, especially really important ones, because they don’t come along that often anymore.
Last, last Sunday, my family on my mother’s side gathered to join in the celebration of Baby Gaile’s 1st birthday! Her actual birthday was last March 14, but it was a Monday, so Kuya Gian and his wife had to adjust their daughter’s party in consideration of the invitees. It was a simple lunch catering for the adults and afternoon party for the kids. It had been a chance for the family to get together for even just a short while, so I was glad it happened. :)
Gaile brings so much joy to everyone in the family despite her being a bit shy and aloof. That’s most likely because she doesn’t see most of us that often, so that’s cool. Besides, she’s a baby, a cute one, so whatever she does or however she acts out is excusable. Haha! :) Personally, I am delighted every time I get to see and cuddle her. I want to carry her around even if that entails crying on her part because she doesn’t really know me well. Hahaha!

I love you! Kisses!

March 19, 2016 | Saturday

This Saturday was spent making up for my birthday treat for the boyfriend that had to be postponed several times because I decided this time I wanted to prioritize catching up with friends too because I felt like I had been neglecting them which was the last thing I wanted to do. Sorry! Haha!

Jeck’s birthday was last March 8, and we went out March 19. It was still March, so I’d say that wasn’t overly delayed and still a valid date. Haha!

I chose to just take him out on a date. It wasn’t fancy or anything unique; just a simple one was enough for him for as long as the thought of reciprocating his efforts was there. He would always be the one to take me out, so I decided it was about time he got the same treatment because guys deserve as much appreciation from girls too. :)
Faustina’s in UPLB was the perfect place because it was just this small, quiet and cozy restaurant that I was hoping it would be.
Food was magnificent. Everything we ordered was its bestsellers and for good reason. Silindro Ribs and Peach Mango Pie a la Mode were the absolute bomb and most probably the reason we’ll come back.
You already know what I want and need you to know, so I’ll just leave things at that. You know the rest. Thank you! Kisses!


I missed writing one for this series. Something about it is so relaxing. It’s like The Happy List Series with the joy it brings in me except it’s purely all about life events here.

Bye for now! :) Time for a break! Time for Holy Week! 

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