Tuesday, January 15, 2013

thought keeper for 2013

011513. tuesday.


wow, it has already been, what, two weeks since we festively welcomed 2013. that fast, huh? the smell of the smoke and the noise of the crackers still linger in my head. i'm still hungover. takes me this long to get over. HAHAHA.

2012 had been a crazy year. absolutely. if you think about it, it felt like it was only March yesterday, then it's  June, then it's September, then it's December! but if you take a closer look, you'll see that a lot actually happened. good thing i can still remember the many great and a few not so great moments of 2012, huge thanks to my planner! you see, if i didn't have my diary, i'm sure i wouldn’t remember even a third of the things i did then. talk about poor memory here. HAHA. this made me appreciate more the purpose of keeping one. J

i’ve become a real sucker for thought keepers since 2011. i’ve been very active and consistent in writing on my diary. i always see to it that i write everyday and jot down as many deets as possible. the cuteness of my 2012 planner was a factor for my interest and inspiration to fill all the pages. it's good to have something that’ll chronicle my daily thoughts and doings, so it won't be hard for me to keep track of my life. also, going down memory lane and checking on myself have become a helluva lot easier with a planner!

so for 2013, i gotta be sure to have a journal that’s just as cute, if not cuter than the one i had last year. then, i saw this Tomato planner online. i fell in love with it! but it’s only available in their outlets, and i don’t know if they have one here in Laguna. i asked for Faith’s help in getting me the journal. she’s so generous she told me she’d buy and give me the planner as her Christmas gift. hooray for Chistmas gifts! yey! thank youuuu! J

while there are other trendy planners, i prefer the cutie-simple but not close-to-boring simple ones. i like to keep it simple, decent and sincere.
i’m so excited to fill its blank pages with meaningful notes. this thought keeper will be my inert shock absorber, quiet listener, reminiscence companion, and life checker as i face everything 2013’s gonna  throw my way.

what about you? do ya already have a planner for this year? J

on page 15 of 365. J

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