Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Chill Saturday

We don't (and I think we never will) get tired of seeing each other's faces, so last Saturday (Mar. 23) we hung out AGAIN!
le friends (and my bag)! lol
Actually, we had this alumni meeting which, while being a real brainstorming, was also a great excuse to meet with college friends. Clevah! LOL.
moning, jusz, je, sarah
Our meeting with Ate Clarize and Sarah had been productive. We're now on the planning stage of the upcoming event for the CAS alumni. And because we’re all equally thrilled by it, the ideas and suggestions poured in quickly and smoothly! Imagine the crazy vibe on that day! All the past CAS batches under one roof! It's gonna be ONE WILD NIGHT!J
serious??? haha!
After that, Kreng, Jusz, Jonas, Sarah, and I decided to hang out at Jerome's place. Pancit canton parteeeeyyyy! HAHAHA. 
sarah & kreng.
whaddup, kreng? lol
le me chillin' like a villain! i'm on bummer mode!
We were supposed to watch Life of Pi, but we got all excited about our summer getaway in Cagbalete that we just decided to discuss it instead. Woooooo! Can't wait!!!
like a boss! HAHA!
feeling restless, eh? BWAHA.
Then, there had been some more chitchats and confessions on the rooftop! Talked about the thing we love talking about most: FTB-ying! (Secret what FTB means! Hihi! My blog is a decent blog! (Hint, hint!) Lol!) 
I love days like this. So chill and easy. Gives me the feeling nothing can go wrong. I hope every day would be just like this worry-free Saturday. 

*thanks to Jonas and Sarah for the photos!

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