Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Kids at Enchanted Kingdom

Okay, so my friends and I have the tendency to act on impulse. Always. It brings us to great places. Most of the time. Just like last Monday.J
jonas, me, je
I, together with dear friends Ago, Jonas, Jerome, Liez, Masa, and Claudette (Masa’s sister), went back to being a kid for a day at Enchanted Kingdom! (Remember the last time I was here?)
liez, clau, masa
The best part about this trip? IT’S FREE!J

As an employee there, Liez gets complimentary tickets every once in a while. Cool beans. (Oh, the perks of working in a happy place!) Lucky for us, we were available at the time. Right there and then, we headed for the big playground!

Rio Grande Rapids was the first ride we had the moment we stepped foot inside EK. I’m not really sure whether it was a great idea or not, though. Lol. I got out of it all wet! I was the one hit hardest by the water. Water was LITERALLY dripping from my shirt and shorts! So unlucky of me. Why me?! Hahaha! (Now I'm blogging while coughing and sneezing! Heck!)
before all the action!
Flying Fiesta, the cliche post-Rio Grande ride, was next to dry ourselves. It's like an ordinary swing, except you go higher in rotation for a few minutes. Well, it didn’t totally get us dry, but we still enjoyed it.
just ignore my silly face. blame the heat! haha! 
And because the sun was still at its peak by that time, we decided to get inside Rialto to get away from the heat even just for a bit! This mini-theater’s pretty cool because: 1. it’s in 3D and; 2. it has moving seats. Hahaha. We watched Journey 2: The Mysterious Island inside.J
wet from head to toe! WTH! lol
We also rode the Wheel of Fate, which was where I felt most unsafe! I don’t know. It just doesn’t feel safe. Let me paint you a picture: you get in the gondola, you just sit there, you wait to be lifted over 130 ft. above the ground. No seatbelt or anything to protect ya! Wild! Hahaha. The view was amazing, though. Up in the air, we could see the whole theme park and the neighboring landscape.J
Then there was the Anchor’s Away. Ohmygollie! It was everyone’s nightmare. Most of us, if not all, despised it. Lol. It was definitely a head-spinning, stomach-wrenching carnival ride. Seated in the middle, I was supposed to feel safe and easy. But if I ever felt anything, it was the opposite of safe. Lol. We all hated it. Most of us felt nauseated after we got off the ship. Good thing none of us puked or passed out. Haha!
We also rode the Roller Skater. I’d say it’s one of the friendly rides (considering it only lasted not more than a minute and was done after one round). No hangover, no issue. Haha.
Disk-O-Magic gave me a new thrilling experience as it was only the first time I tried it. This newest addition to EK’s exciting rides is definitely a must-try. This is how it works: riders fill the seats of a circular flat facing outwards, then this thing goes spinning back and forth to the beat of the EK theme song. It gave me a freeing feeling to just wave my hands in the air and scream in joy.J It was my favorite ride that day. I don’t know about the other riders, but I enjoyed it. Jonas, Jerome and I loved it, while Ago felt sick after. Lol.
favorite! :D
Then the Dodgem! Yeyyy! It gave us permission for a few minutes to legally bump into others’ cars (little cars).J Cutesy action ride!
Liez, Masa, Ago, Clau, and Jonas also rode the EKstreme Drop Tower! Jerome and I were too scared to try this one. When it was already our group’s turn, the two of us quickly backed out! We just couldn’t do it. I know, cowards. Hahaha!
can you see it? the fear on Liezette's face? hahaha!
I know Up, Up and Away looks all cute and easy because it’s made of mini-hot air balloons. It’s as if it were made primarily for kids to enjoy, but DON’T BE DECEIVED! Believe it or not, we all felt dizzy riding it. We were all tricked into thinking it was just some lame ride we could have to relax and recover. We let our guard down, then that was what happened. Lol. Especially Jonas, poor boy felt woozy. Lol.
Lastly, we went for the Swan Lake. Now this boat ride isn’t as effortless as you might think. No, sitting pretty isn’t gonna do it for ya. You’re actually going to need to work your legs for this. You have to keep on steering the wheel and pedaling the boat over and over again to go around the pond. Pedal, steer, pedal, steer. Phew! Haha!
There weren’t many visitors that day, so we didn’t have to wait in long lines. As a result, we were able to try almost every ride there is (well, at least the rides we were interested in).J
EK's Senakulo Special (lenten season play about the Passion of the Christ).
Wow! What a fun day!
Thank you, Liez! You’re so kind. Haha!J

I love March. A lot of quality time spent with friends this month.

*Thanks to Jerome and Ago for the photos!

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