Sunday, March 24, 2013

When things take a turn for the worse, then for the better

You know that moment when you get overly excited about something, then that something goes wrong and everything else follows? So freaking disappointing, isn't it? Sadly, that was exactly what happened to us last Friday. Relate, relate!

We'd been anticipating the date as that was the opening of this year's AFC Challenge Cup. My first ever time to watch a football game live was during the Peace Cup last year, which was such an amazing experience that I looked forward to watching another football game live again. Azkals were supposed to play against Brunei's team, but due to unavoidable circumstances Brunei backed out! PFT!!! So the hyped excitement turned into a major disappointment. We already bought tickets, so there was nothing else we could do but watch even if the Azkals wouldn't play.
The only photo I have of the game. Turkmenistan massacred Cambodia with a 7-0 score!
But maybe God loves us so much he didn't want us to go home without smiles on our faces. And we definitely are such fun-seeking individuals that we found ways of making the most out of what we could do while we were there.

The sure ball, no-fail formula:

Friends + Food + Chitchat + Laughter = Fun J

(Fine, I know this is a bit cheesy and corny but it’s true.)
Before we headed to Rizal Memorial Stadium, Vyna, Kreng, Je, and I first ate at Zark's Burger! If you haven’t heard of this place yet, it’s a resto which boasts American-sized and mouth-watering servings of burgers with fries. As a fan of TLC’s Man v. Food, I’m always thrilled to eat here ‘coz it feels like I'm eating in a diner of the same caliber as those featured in the show.J Woooh! Expect your cholesterol level to skyrocket(bacon and patty overload)! Aftereffects: neck and nape painheadache and nausea. BWAHAHA!
blurry photos 'coz we were all laughing hard! :D
Then right after the game, we went straight to Makati to meet with Jusz at Glo. Dessert indulgence at Conti’s followed! Kids with sweet tooth.J Hurray for happy tumtums!J

We also spent some time strolling around Ayala Triangle, making fun of each other, singing to songs only we know the lyrics, camwhoring (excluding me) with overexposed shots, and talking confidently to each other using an alien language. LOL.
taas ng araw 'no, Kreng and Vyna? LOL.
shy me!
shy friends! LOL
Good times, good times.J

*Thanks to Je for the photos!

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