Saturday, December 3, 2011

tara biglaan, ano?

111011. thursday.

EK + swimming. :)

a week ago we had no plans of going anywhere together. but in just a snap, after their biglaang lakad at paseo de sta. rosa, we were about to have fun at Enchanted Kingdom. haha!

o yes, we went to EK. haha! we were fascinated to think that this EK trip which we originally planned when we were still in our first year had finally come to life! haha. can you believe that? none of us thought that we could still push through with it after three years. haha! it's also funny just thinking that it happened when we didn't really have any formal discussion about going there. haha! 
di pa nakakapasok sa EK, di na agad nagpaawat sa pagpapa-picture e. haha!
ago, je, fi, jonas, juwie, zhello, yvonne and i were present during that day. haha! what made it extra special was the fact that our dearest fionna and cherry also went with us. haha! they are so sweet. cherry didn't attend an activity at school just to be with us. so touching. haha! it only showed how much they wanted to join us. haha! i'm sure they did not regret spending the day with us 'coz it was such an awesome day! as in! haha!
cherry, jonas and fionna.
when we got to EK, these were the rides we enjoyed:

flying fiesta.
flying fiesta served as the warm-up ride for everyone. haha!

anchors away.
this was the ride that tested juwie's 'capacity'! hahaha! she was soo scared and felt nauseated after we rode anchors away. what's funny is that she was actually the one who wanted to sit at the farthest row 'coz she thought it was gonna be cool, but then no. it was not cool, not for her. haha! she was seated between me and marfi. she had her eyes closed while her hands tightly held our laps during the ride! haha! that's how scared she was. haha! now we know the real capacity of juwie! she even joked. she said, "guys, makipag-away na lang tayo o." haha! she'd rather get in a fight with anyone than riding anchors away again. haha!
jungle log jam.
haha! it was my first time to ride on jungle log jam so i had no idea. what i only know is that we're gonna get wet! haha! and so it happened. haha! the sleeves and back of my blouse were wet, but due to the sun's heat, they were dry in just an hour. haha!

roller skater.
this was the ride that juwie enjoyed most she said. haha! i agree. no hassle, just fun. but it's a different case for yvonne. jerome was with her during the ride and he told us that yvonne was screaming her lungs out from the beginning up to the end of it. haha! i dunno why. 

the rialto experience was just cute as always. what we watched was happy feet. hehe. we just sat there and let our seats move and shake us according to what the characters were doing. haha! it also served as a cooling place for us 'coz we were already soaked in the sun's heat for a long time. thank goodness the room was air-conditioned. haha! 
buding, ago and yvonne while waiting in line.
this is ago before the start of happy feet. i am the one on the seat beside her. i'm not visible in the picture though. hahaha!
space shuttle.
the death-defying space shuttle. haha! this was supposed to be second in the list of our rides, but because some were still doubtful whether they'd go or not, it became sixth. haha! only juwie and je didn't come. they really didn't want to, and it is pretty understandable why. haha! i was so scared too! scared as hell just like each one of us. haha! while we were on the line, we nervously watched those who were already locked in their seats at space shuttle! o god! watching them was not helpful 'coz it even made us feel more afraid. haha! the moment we were the next in line for space shuttle,we never stopped screaming. we even blamed fi for making us ride! hahaha! and then, we were already seated and locked. there's nothing we could do then! help us! haha! during the ride, i was screaming in fear, letting all the bad words come out of my mouth to at least lessen the fear. fionna, who was my partner during the ride, said, "ate nona, nabingi ako sa mura mo e." couldn't blame her. hahaha! my eyes were closed. there were only  a few times when i opened them and closed them again as fast as i could. haha! but when we were done, we all felt glad! we felt fulfilled 'coz we have conquered the ride we feared most. haha! truth is we felt less of what we expected. it was not as intestine-tingling as we thought it would be. haha! 
looking at this makes me wanna back out. haha! can't blame me. haha!
this is juwie. haha! she didn't join us in this ride. said she couldn't do it. hehe.
after the space shuttle experience! we were all so high! haha!  the ride was sooo much fun!
rio grande rapids.
fi, juwie, yvonne, and i were not able join them. haha! they said they had fun. haha! they were all so wet just as expected. 
horror booth.
the name horror booth is just the opposite of what we all experienced haha! we were never horrified. we laughed all the while inside! haha! the experience was so, so funny especially that part at the shaking hanging bridge! hahaha! fi and i did nothing at that bridge but jump and jump and jump while we were laughing hard because of jonas' teeth glowing in the dark!!! haha! it was soo funny! can't forget the feeling.

wheel of fate.
it was only me, je, jonas, buding, and juwie who got to the wheel of fate. haha! the others decided to go to anchors away and jungle log jam again. haha! i was so excited of wheel of fate 'coz i haven't experienced it yet. haha! but shit, oh shit. i shouldn't have been excited at all. haha! it was so scary when we were up in the air! haha! the five of us was like shouting at each other in fear. we'd scold anyone of us who'd make our seat move. we felt like we could fall right there and then with just one wrong move. haha! the view was great. you could see the whole EK plus the places that surround it, but we were not able to appreciate it that much 'coz we were all afraid. haha! juwie was so scared again. haha! what's funny was when the three gays in the other seat were happily and calmly singing together while we were beside them dying in nervousness. haha!
juwie again. now she can't even move a muscle 'coz she feels like vomiting! haha! poor juwie.
last picture before we leave EK. haha!
and since it's biglaan, the plan of going to paseo was changed into going to yvonne's resort for a swimming. haha! biglaan at biglaan lang ba? haha! 

when we got there, 

kainan na solid sa sarap at saya.
kwentuhan na solid. alams na.
moni sila.
si yvonne napapraning na naman. haha!



fionna , jonas and cherry were not able to come with us anymore, but it's till all right. haha! i know they had so much fun. i had to go home by 1:30, so i left them. haha! 

lesson of the story: pag biglaan, natutuloy. haha!


thanks to je for all the photos! hahaha!

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