Saturday, December 3, 2011

lezdodiz PASAY!

112611. saturday.

just sharing some photos of our room in Pasay where we'll be staying for three months maybe. haha! it's pretty small, but it's just enough to provide us a space to relax after every day's encounter. haha! and i believe it's not bad at all. it's kinda cute. haha!
the curtains gave the room life.
we don't have much things here but we still manage to live each day, and besides, we always get home late and we're all tired that we wouldn't even have time to watch tv or even surf the net. hehe. with just the three of us, everything's workable. it's more of give and take with the chores that we gotta do and even with the things we need. tapang prepares our umagahan, hanawoods volunteers to fold tapang's mattress cover, and i buy the yelo! haha! whatever happens, it's just in the three of us with whom we can rely. i bet we're gonna be independent somehow 'coz there'll be no one else who'll do things for us but us. gotta learn how to be a responsible roommate to them. gonna appreciate more the things our parents do for us, from the 'littlest' up to the hardest. haha! 
hanawoods while washing the dishes after dinner. haha!
and since we don't have a TV nor a radio (actually, we used to have a radio, but due to tapang's carelessness, it's now gone. haha!), all that we do as we get home is to just talk about how our day went. doing so keeps us busy even without the things that we're used to having. haha! we'd be laughing hard every time. and it's because of this that the girls in the other rooms beside us are already annoyed. they even sent their concerns to the owner. they were saying that we are too noisy. we were like "what the hell is their problem?!" haha! maybe we're loud sometimes, but they are just as loud at times too, so why the fuck are they so pissed? haha! as for me, the more they get mad, the happier i become. haha!!! they are being ridiculous. 
so far, so good. that's what i can say about our, what, two weeks stay here though there were some petty problems with our water supply, our bathroom light bulb, the duplicate keys issues and more. hahaha! those problems make us more alert in all that we do in a funny way. haha!

and it is by living here that i realized more how bad i feel when i am not at our home. i always feel homesick, as in always. there's not a second that i don't miss home. i am such a homebuddy. i can just spend the whole day there not doing anything and not feel bored or anything at all. o man, why does it have to be this hard? haha! i miss calamba too, the calambeño  and batangueño accent, the traffic jam every morning, the smoke from the jeepneys and tricycles, though there are far more vehicles and chaos in pasay, it still feels different, different in a way that only me can understand. haha! 

our stay here is surely gonna teach us some lessons. but we'll just let the lessons unfold as we go through this whole internship thing. haha!

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