Friday, April 18, 2014

Bon Voyage!

Faith is set to leave for States to have her internship. How so mature and gutsy of her, right? J Although it will just be for a year or so, we will surely miss her. She has always been present in all the friendly gatherings we hold, sometimes even taking over the laborious duty of being the organizer. And most importantly, she’s my confidant. She knows the most about me. I tell her things I am somehow uncomfortable telling others. My gaaawd, how am I gonna survive without her?*tears* Harhar. Her absence would totally be felt. But I, we, can’t be too selfish. If it’s for her own growth, then who are we to stop her, right?J
We couldn’t let her go without having the chance to say goodbye and good luck, so we had this quick date last weekend, our last date with her this year. Huhu. Haha. J

Good luck out there! I don’t know what awaits you, but I’m sure you’ll get by. You’re fearless enough to consider going away, so living and surviving there shouldn’t scare but excite you instead.

Live the dream! All of us somehow dream to be somewhere else for a while too—to know what it feels like being on our own, to do things on our own, to explore and learn life by ourselves. But you... well, you’re not just dreaming it but living it! We’re thrilled for you! Live your dreams, not just for you but for us too! Huzzah!

Take good things with you; leave the rest of the unnecessary baggage you have brought with you there when you go home here ha.
We can’t wait to see you again, in the flesh! (‘Cos physical presence will always be the best.J)

And I can’t wait to hear your new Tennessean accent when you go back!
Gosh, we’re all excited for you!

Bye for now.J

See you soonest!


*Big thanks to Froiland Pajutan for the photos!

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