Tuesday, April 22, 2014


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I had and have always been a fan of Up Dharma Down. More so now that I have already seen them perform in the flesh. I had long wanted to watch them live. I couldn’t be more stoked.

Everything started with Pag-agos. Then there was Oo. I knew right then just how unique and indie-ish the band’s genre is. And those were exactly the reasons I listened to them in the first place. I did not grow to love the songs. I just happened to love them right away.

It was a laidback gig – intimate. Purely about UDD’s music. I was so happy that it turned out close to how I imagined I wanted it to be. There wasn’t so much jumping and screaming because they weren’t necessary. Just a little acknowledgment from the crowd, through cheers and applause, was enough to ensure that everybody was having fun. Well, that was how it was supposed to be.

Their live set sounds just as good as their recording. I am in awe. Armi’s voice is literally music to my ears. She sings with so much subtlety that she gives their every already emotionally deep song even more depth, how so admirable.

Oo and Turn It Well were the highlights of the more or less two-hour set. Those were the songs in which the crowd’s participation was loudest. I myself admit to feeling all too connected and alive when both songs were played. The intros were enough to raise my energy through the roof. I just had to sing along. All the fans just had to. Oo, being their claim-to-fame hit, was unsurprisingly when everyone let it all out. Turn It Well was the perfect song to end the night, with all the crossing fingers waving in the air. Beautiful.
I hope to witness another live set. I hope. And with this, I cross my fingers.

Photo sources: Antoniette Pulutan
                            LPU-Laguna Official Facebook Page / Clarize Battad

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