Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ako'y Batang Creative

102511. tuesday.

sembreak. sounds exciting? well, we found a more exciting yet fulfilling way of starting ours.

we helped out  and gave back to the kids of brgy. 3, the sweet, jolly, and playful kids. haha!

originally i was not part of this community service project  because i belong to another group, the Youth Got Talent group. but when madam myla asked me to join, i wasn't able to say no anymore. i don't know why but she's got that charm in convincing me that i'd just have to agree with all her requests. haha!

yvonne, hanawoods and i met the other volunteers at sto. tomas church (monica, masa, jestine, rox, rhisgine, marlon, jl). we went straight to sto. tomas gym where the program would be held. there were still few things to finish - setting up the chairs and tables, inflating the balloons, putting the biscuits in the bags, and rehearsing for the program proper. since it would start by 1 p.m., we went to a near cafeteria and had our lunch first. haha! when we returned, we got to relax a bit and then the kids, together with their parents, started to arrive. here we go now. haha! paul and i were starting to feel the tension 'cause we knew that things were not gonna be easy. haha! we thought we'd be dealing with kids. we knew how kids are. makukulit. malilikot. some are easy to please, some are not. every kid is different. we readied ourselves for this day yet we still felt unsure if things were gonna turn out well. the original Ako'y Batang Creative group said these things 'cause they have already held the same program last sem. according to them, the kids really were hard to assist and deal with. some kids would be leaving their seats to roam around the gym. some would cry. some were not cooperative. some were not energetic while some were too energetic. haha! see, those were our fears. haha!
then, myla, ms. a, ms. lyka, ms. marlene, monica lois, mame, and kuya driver arrived. when everything was into place, the program began. haha! there were a lot of prepared activities, both group and individual activities. haha! there were bring me with a twist, puzzle, creative tinapay making, and proper hand washing demo. the facilitators were assigned to each table where kids stayed. haha! almost all the kids got medals. i was so happy every time one of the children in my assigned table wins. i feel as though i was the one who won. haha!  we also gave away loot bags containing soap, pencil, eraser, and towel. for the kids' food, they were provided with biscuits, cupcakes, and water. haha! 
group picture of the kids after the program. haha.
i can say that everyone did enjoy the activity - the kids, the parents, and the facilitators. haha! the goal of the project, which was to let the kids learn while having fun, was achieved. it's such a nice feeling whenever you see the faces of the kids with smiles on them. i am not related to them in anyway,  but they gave me so much happiness. i don't regret that i woke up early because i know that these kids would drive away the stress that i have. it was such a fulfilling activity. this is among the things that would satisfy the soul. through this, we were able to share a part of us in helping the kids to know that they are not neglected but given enough attention. i believe it is very important to every child. i hope next time there'll be more activities like this, there'll be more students who'll participate, and there'll be more kids who'll benefit. hehe.

on november 9, we'll also be having our own group's community service program for the teenagers. YOUTH GOT TALENT. i wish more will attend. i am looking forward to another self-fulfilling activity. hehe.

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