Thursday, November 3, 2011


110311. thursday.

this day of mine was spent with my beautiful and fun-loving friends. haha! i'm talking about ago, je, jonas, and ri-ri. haha! originally, i don't have any plan of going out today. jerome wanted to hangout, so we all met to watch a movie. haha! haven't been to the moviehouse in awhile so i said to myself why not. haha!

after eating at KFC, jonas and ri-ri had to go 'coz they have other things to attend to. haha! only the three of us were left but it's all right 'coz we still had a hell of a great time.

we watched IN TIME. haha! actually, we were about to waste our own time by falling in line at the wrong cinema. ago and i thought that the long queue was for IN TIME until jerome told us that it's impossible for all of those people to line up for IN TIME. and he was right. those on the line were there to see praybeyt benjamin. haha! if not for jerome, we wouldn't have seen the movie on time. haha.

the truth is i don't really have the tiniest bit of idea at first. i thought it was some animated film when i saw its poster, but i was wrong. hell wrong. haha!

IN TIME is  a film where the lead characters are played by justin timberlake and amanda seyfried. haha! its story is literally about time. it's like time makes their world go round. in the movie, time is the counterpart of money in reality. haha! time is so important to them that it is the thing that runs their lives. time is what they use to pay for everything. they buy food, they pay them with time. they ride a bus, they pay the ride with time. they pawn their jewelry for time. they apply for time loanthey work, they are paid with time. haha! isn't it cool? can you imagine? haha! and just like money, it is also transferable. haha! if you're running out of time, you can ask someone to give you some by just putting your forearms together. haha! they also have social classes, there were richer people and there were poorer people as well. their status in life is dictated by how much time they've got. haha! and just like money, time  can also be stolen from anyone. there's actually where the story began. they thought justin timberlake stole a man's century when in fact it was given to him. hehe! the way the movie showed time's importance is so cool and unique. i mean, i haven't seen anything like this one.

the moral of the story is seen even in the littlest things in the movie. VALUE TIME.  haha! i mean, some always think they have a lot of time left that's why they don't put so much importance in it. they'd spend time wastefully. they only start thinking about what they can do and what they must do when there's not much left of them. meanwhile, some would just abuse time. abuse in a sense that even the time of others they steal, if you know what i mean. and sometimes, you will only know how much you mean to someone depending on how much time he/she can give you. am i right or am i right? haha!

it made me realize what time really means and why we shouldn't keep on spending it on the useless things. let's spend time with the people we wanna be with. let's start doing the things we wanna and gotta do before our time ends. nobody knows how much we got 'til it's over.

this is highly recommended especially to those who waste their time and even the time of others. so, this goes out to me as well. HAHA! this gotta teach us some real lesson. haha! 

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