Monday, February 23, 2015


THE WKND SPECIAL is my blog series aimed at basically documenting the important and semi-important things that happen in my life on particular weekends. (But only when I’m in the mood to do so. Harhar!)

For a debut post, I’d like to say that the weekend that was February 21 and 22 were absolutely well-spent. I managed to squeeze in four separate but equally important meetings with loved ones.
On Saturday, I went to back to college. I wish. Hahaha. But seriously, I came back home to my alma mater after what felt like a long time. LPU-L still had that distinct breeze that gets all the hair raising and bodies shivering in coldness. I missed that. It didn't feel like summer is already fast approaching there. (Wait, is it really already March next week? Aaaack!)
The ever supportive alumni that we were, my college friends and I visited school to show support for the CAS Pep Squad in the annual cheerleading competition. The team was such a dedicated and talented bunch. So dedicated that they won 1st runner-up! It wasn't the cleanest and smoothest performance, but it truly was full of energy and aura which more than compensated for the routine fails and pyramid falls. Congratulations for a well-deserved award, CAS Pep! You guys did great! We're very proud of you! VIVA CAS!
Jerome's photo
We also took that chance to do the very thing we enjoyed doing most when we were still in college which was to goof around, as in totally fool around like mad kids! We were such happy friends! :) We would catch ourselves unable to close our mouths from laughing nonstop and feeling our jaws locked in pain afterwards for good reason. Yey! I super duper, duper, duper missed my college mates!

Come Sunday, I was off again. I had quite a few places to go and things to do in my itinerary. I was first off to spend a quick chat with Him. I didn’t attend mass, just had a little quiet time with Him. :) Then I was off again! Zooooom!
I met with the boyfriend for some QT (quality time). Nothing like a dose of the boyfriend to cheer me up and complete my awesome rest day, woots! *insert heart-shaped eyes here* LOLOLOL!

And before I knew it, I was off again to meet another set of friends, the high schoolers! Let’s roll!
This get-together was brought to us by the ever loud Krizia Joson who was celebrating her birthday. It was pizza night for us! A huge four-flavored pizza for dinner and a good set of friends for company were the perfect way to cap off my awesome weekend!
To Krizia, happy birthday! I know you’re in such a really good place in your life right now, especially with your work and love life. It shows. You’re beautiful. :) You are entitled to these good things, so claim them! Please continue being that pesky friend (haha) because that attitude makes all gatherings happen and gets the gang to be complete! :) Your friends love you; I love you!


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