Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Happy List: Random List #4

Photo is unrelated, but it reminds me of the beach. No. 10's about hitting the beach, so yeah, this makes sense. :)
  1. Productive work weeks
  2. Idle days too :)
  3. Enjoying my smartphone very much, so much so that I can’t seem to put it down anymore. It’s essential in all the basic and more techy ways I can use it in my life. Thank you, dearest Daddy :)
  4. Gosh, I can’t believe it took me this long to get signed up on IG! I am not the biggest photo enthusiast, but Instagram’s just too addictive I would catch myself pulling down on the app several times an hour just to look at and swoon over gorgeous photos of people and clothes and things and food and beaches
  5. The amazing view of my city from a rooftop
  6. All my ukay steals and coming up to the conclusion that ukay is undoubtedly every poor girl’s secret mine of gold ~ slowly perfecting the art of thrift shopping
  7. Cheesy Garlic Chicken and Krispy Kare-kare brimming to the platter c/o Big Belly’s
  8. In relation to No. 7, spontaneous nights of strolling around and sitting by the benches at UPLB
  9. Finalizing summer plans with Jusz and the other mates and the excitement from here on until the big day when we hit the beach again ~ summer is young and so are we
  10. Freedom in telling Daddy about the boyfriend’s existence in my life making everything official. And the father’s reaction, just epic hahahahaha
  11. Revisiting previous frame of mind and deciding to leave something for myself, just in case (Not sure about this being a happy thing but it’s a realization that would benefit me, just in case, so I guess it qualifies)
  12. Realizing that I may not have to deal with No. 11 after all because only good things will prevail in my life ~ don’t want to jinx it tho :)
  13. Celebrating the boyfriend's birthday binge-eating buffalo wings and munching on doughnuts. Food is the third party in this relationship lol
So much happiness just because...

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