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Another Dan Brown brainchild in the house, baby!J

Plenty of campaigns had been lost by candidates who went for the knockout when all they needed was to finish the round.

All Americans are now in heat as the Presidential elections get nearer and nearer. Senator Sedgewick Sexton runs against re-electionist incumbent President Zach Herney. The national leader finds out that NASA finally had luck in the newly discovered meteorite which is believed to be inhabited by living fossils. Given the great opportunities this advancement could bring, it would help NASA prove their worth again, which in turn would help Herney’s candidacy. Rachel Sexton, daughter of Sedgewick, learns that everything about the breakthrough is a fraud. They are even more shocked to know who are behind the fabrication.
We should either do it right –or not at all. – Marjorie Tench

This book is way better than Digital Fortress!J To those whose first Dan Brown book ever read is Digital Fortress (like me!), don’t judge him right away. It isn’t among his best works. Haha!

I like how Dan Brown played with his characters here. I think he really was able to make the most out of everybody’s role. "Who they are" made a great impact on "what they do." And an even greater impact in the big reveal at the end.J

What’s cool about Deception Point is its ability to implant an idea in your head unconsciously. It can make you believe that this certain person is responsible for whatever is happening, then you realize that that person isn’t the one to blame. And in the end, things are not really how they look like. Sounds cool, yeah? Haha!

Heck, there were just so many twists in the story! The turn of events would make you wanna say WOAH like many, many times. For instance, just when Sexton thought he was already winning, he’d realize Herney’s got an ace. Then and again, something crazy would happen that’d change their ranks in the polls. Something would happen again, and things turn upside down again. There’s no way of knowing until you get to the end of the book. Haha!

The bigger the foe, the harder they fall.

I don’t know if all of Dan Brown’s information here is accurate, but I’m impressed by how he can write something like this. Deception Point, along with his other creations, is just too technical. I bet a lot of research is needed to make it look somehow realistic and believable. Good thing it still is understandable to readers who don’t know much (like me! haha!), and still is interesting and intriguing enough.

I’m satisfied with the ending of this novel. How things went for everybody was just how it was supposed to be. It was the ideal conclusion to the story.

I like this book because it’s an easy read but it doesn’t lack the thrill. Nice! Dan Brown is really good at what he does. Hoping to read more of his books in the future.J

Somebody please lend me a book? Hahaha!

The grandest of plans could be undone by the smallest of snags.

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