Wednesday, May 29, 2013


...and it feels so good. ♫♫

(Ah, never mind. Haha!) 

Sometimes when my high school friends and I already miss each other’s faces, we easily just look for an alibi so we can meet up. However, I know for a fact that we’d still hang out with or without a reason.J
From L-R: Dawn, Leomel, Alexa, Oliver, Julie, Krizia, Faith, Hibek, Bernard, yours truly, and Ceff! :)
So what was it this time?

Last Saturday (May 25), we gathered at RSM Lutong Bahay Restaurant to have dinner and welcome back Dawn. She is our close friend who’s already based in Singapore. She’s on vacation here in the Philippines right now, and we’re so happy to be reunited with her again!J
Hi there, Dawn and Faith!
We weren't able to spend more time chatting and bonding; no thanks to everyone’s hectic schedule (except mine. harhar!), the Saturday traffic madness (you can only imagine!) and the uncooperative rainy/bitchy weather. Phew! Haha! Too bad. Nevertheless, we still managed to make every minute of the night count. We did nonstop catching up and pigging out while jamming and vibing to the reggae version of new and old songs playing in the background. Rampapapam ♫ rampapapam ♫ yayayayay ♫ up down ♫ up down! Hahaha!
That was also the night Bernard’s name became Fern! So girly, right? Bwahaha! If you knew Nard and his manliness, you’d understand how so unfitting this nickname was for him and why we died laughing at this. Haha! The band performer heard his name wrong and thought it was Fernando. Haha! Supahh funneh! Instead of correcting the performer, we just went along calling Nard Fernando, Fernan, Fernie until we settled with Fern! Fern FTW!
Bernard a.k.a Fern with his beloved Krizia. Haha!
It was a fun night with them just like always.J

To Dawn, thank you for the time. We’ll see you again soon. Have a safe trip back to SG.J

Good times! xoxo

*Thanks to Ceffrey and Faith for the photos!

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