Saturday, May 11, 2013

Welcome to the Christian world, Stephen Rob!

I wasn’t really planning on doing a post about this get-together, but it had been so much fun I knew I had to write a little something about it.J
Jonas, me, Camille, Yvonne, Jusz Kreng, Marfi, Ago, and Je. :)
#Sleep, my little boy
#Star sa *tooooot*
#Neon pink *tooooot*
#House Parteeeeey
#Choco na Batok, Batok na Choco
#Karlie Rae Jepsen

Just a few cryptic words to remind us all of the many stuff we talked and laughed about at Ipe’s whole-day Baptism celebration. Haha! Some, nope, MOST of these things have to be kept just between us friends, because we do not wish to get in trouble. AND we do not want people to think we’re some psycho-pervs. (We wholesome, yannaw!) Haha!

Photo blast!
Prudente family. :)
Yvonne shows off her creative side Abakom style! :)
Cute giveaways!
Mommy Yvonne!
w/ the latecomers - Sarah, Vyna, Jamie, and Paul. haha!
Happy Christening, Ipe!

I pray that you be a responsible follower (Unlike me. Harhar!) of our dear Lord and that you be blessed more.

I hope to be a good godmother to you. Never hesitate to come to me, us, when you need anything.J
It. had. been. Fun. Fun. Fun.
Good times be rollin’!

*Thanks to Jerome, Jonas and Kreng for the photos!

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