Sunday, April 28, 2013

Swim, swim, swim!

Every summer we, my high school best buds and I, make it a point to go swimming somewhere. It doesn't have to be grand as long as it happens and we’re together.

Big yay to April 26!

Summer swimming / graduation celebration / catch up time.J
Hibek, Me, Faith, Che, Alexa, Mel, Oliver. :)
I was so happy to know we hit two digits in attendance this time! 10! You read that right, 10 people came! It was a miracle. 10! Leomel, Oliver, Che, Jusz, Faith, Krizia, Bernard, Alexa, Hibek, and me! Hahaha! Normally, we’d only expect eight, tops. But last Friday we made a new record! Haha! I hope the number grows bigger next time we do this.
We went swimming at South Winds Resort in Pansol, Calamba City. And because it was a Friday night, there were so many guests. The three huge pools were almost not enough to serve the number of customers that night. But we wouldn’t let that one hassle ruin our celebration. We found ways of amusing ourselves by munching on the food everyone brought, singing the videoke (actually it was just Krizia who did all the singing. lol), going from hilarious to serious talks about random stuff, and swimming in the pool (both the suspected urine infested one (Eww. Lol.)  and the clean one) until we couldn’t take it anymore.J
Let me congratulate again our HS friends who graduated this year, especially those who were with us that night (Mel, Ver, Che, and Hibek). We’re so proud of you. Good job!
The thing I so like about what we have is there's never any awkwardness going on. Sometimes I get that eerie and weird feeling when I haven't seen someone for a long time. You see, a lot can happen in a certain span of time. A lot can change. Questions keep bugging me. How do I start a conversation again? How do I keep it interesting?
We may not see each other often anymore since we have our own lives to deal with, but even so, I never feel uncomfortable being around them after a long time of non-meeting. Not even when it’s been many months since we last rendezvoused. Everything flows naturally with these people. That’s what friendship does.J
As expected, it was yet another wonderful get-together. The body pain I feel right now is definitely worth it! Lol.
Ver, Jusz, Mel, Alexa, Che, Hibek, Krizia!
Always looking forward to doing something like this again. Hoping to see them soon! xo 

*Thanks to Hibek for the photos.

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