Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cagbalete: Summer Hiatus 2013

So I seriously don’t know where to begin. This is that moment again, that moment when you feel you can’t put into words and photographs the fun you had. Even using the word “fun” becomes an understatement. I’ll try to write this entry well so as not to ruin the memorable experience.

My college friends and I finally had the summer getaway we’d been wanting to have. The prolonged agony and anticipation paid off!
We were so happy for choosing Cagbalete Island in Mauban, Quezon.

“Cagbalete Island is in another place. It doesn’t belong here. It’s a paradise.” These were my thoughts the first time I’ve laid eyes on it.

We all knew it was a beautiful island, but we had no idea it’s actually beyond beautiful. It was like we were in a totally different world, disconnected from the urban jungle. Everything about it speaks of serenity and resplendence. How can something so ethereal like this exist?
When we arrived there, the first thing we saw was Cagbalete Island at low tide. The breathtaking view wiped away all the sweat and stress brought about by short sleep, long travel, long trek, early sunburned skin, and hard-earned money.

We decided to settle and set up everything before heading to the beach, besides the sun was still at its highest point then. (We did not want to get burned.) We rented a hut cottage to stay in, designated the food for every meal, prepped our personal stuff, and paid/bought whatever needed to be paid/bought. And off we went to explore the beach!
It’s so cool because the water goes far back from the shore leaving the sand ripples, which are nature’s effortless work of art, exposed. And by far, I mean really far. I think we went as far as more than a kilometer away from the shore.
We walked and walked and walked on the sand until we reached Bonsai Island which magically emerges only during low tide. It's like a mini island within an island. How cool is that? You could say we were literally in the middle of the sea.
Bonsai Island
Yes, there were other guests as well. But considering it’s the peak season, I’d say there were not as many people, which was a good thing, of course. We had a certain portion of the island shore all to our own where we spent a great time playing.J
Our second day was spent swimming on the other side of the island where the water is crystal clear and the sand powder-fine! It was like a piece of heaven when my feet touched the sand beneath. Aaah. It was pure. Aaah. It was therapeutic. And the water was so contagiously calm it just gave me the peace I needed inside me. I just had to take in the calmness.  
It had been special as it was spent with dear friends who’re just as in love with the beach as I am. The things we experienced there were just awesome. We’re crazy people, but we become even crazier when together. I thank them for the fun.J
I have used too many adjectives here yet I know they still don’t equate to how strangely beautiful Cagbalete really is. Maybe the answer can be found in the fine sand, calm water, unique sand ripples, picturesque low tide, distinctive stone formations, or in the splendid horizon. All I’m sure of is there’s something about the place which makes it what it is - otherworldly.
As early as now I can already say my summer 2013’s complete. The two-day outing’s got everything covered. I can’t ask for more.
I’ll never forget Cagbalete for I left a part of me in this island the same time I took a part of it with me. Thank you.

*Thanks to Jerome, Antoniette and Kreng for the photos.
*Thanks to Ago for editing the vid.

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