Tuesday, December 4, 2012

college life in a stack

120312. monday.

#college life in a stack

handouts, reports, test papers, term papers, theses - i doubt anyone would graduate college without having to wrestle with these paperworks. nightmare-ish, aren't they? especially when they have to be dealt with all at once. deadlines are rough times. this pile of papers sums up everything about my college life (not that this is the only thing we did, but this is quite a pile!). i'm just too relieved i've gotten through this ordeal. BUUUUUUT (yes, a long and all caps BUT is necessary) something, somewhere at the back of my mind, tells me that, at one point or another, my body feels a longing for the torture and the cramming this stack used to bring. all them all nighters that leave you sleepless. draining yet rewarding. you just gotta savor the moment. maybe i just miss college. oh, how much i miss school.

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