Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Pig-out: The RSM Diaries

121612. sunday.

Christmas season is everyone’s favorite! this is that time of year when nonstop eating and partying are legit! yeeehaaa! December weekends mean parties here and there, get-togethers here and there. last night was no exception! i went to the yearly Christmas party/pig-out of my Diamond family.J

Faith(absentee), Alexa, Jusz, Hibek(LET passer-to-be), Ceff(Tumblr famous), Julie, Darwin(kidnapped), Froi(hunk), Krizia, Bernard, Mel, Ver dined at RSM Lutong Bahay, Bacnotan branch.but hey, the meet-up ain’t all that simple. supposedly, we were to meet at 4PM. the late comers that we are, people started arriving at around 5PM to 7PM. whatever happened to 4? coming to parties late since circa 2004, and rocking it. Diamond represent! HAHAHA!
fast forward to dinner, RSM was perfect for an intimate get-together. the ambiance is so home-y. plus, there weren’t many guests that night so the space was all ours. their food was fantastic! they’re serving delicious Pinoy dishes. i can still taste that sinigang! and that leche flan, ugh! HAHA.
this party ain’t complete without the kwentuhan! we did catch up about each other’s whatabouts, as usual. then, we went down memory lane as we talked about how we were in high school. nostalgia! the stories and jokes of the past, they never get old. how we laugh at them, it’s like we’re hearing them for the first time. J
then, an unexpected friend showed up! *insert drum roll* tadaaaa! Roy was there… in spirit! HAHA! this was my fault, in part, since i was the one who pulled out his photo. but there’s nothing to be mad about because he, or should i say his photo, upped the fun we had! you know that feeling when you’re belly starts aching and you just can’t breathe because of laughing too much? that’s what he did to us! HAHAHA! miss you, Roy! here are some of his photos while camwhoring. HAHAHA!
miss and love you, Roy! HAHAHA! you camwhore! HAHAHA!
though there was a little drama, i could still say that the dinner was a success! nothing’s boring with these people. to use Froi’s words, like passing through the eye of a needle, we made it through the night! J
after the party, i was stuck with Faith ‘til 4AM. the price i pay for the favor she did. well, no regrets because the night gave birth to new plans for next year's getaways! J

early this morning, i attended the first day of misa de gallo for this Christmas! this is my first time ever to attend simbang gabi, and i plan to complete the nine-day-long celebration! J

*big thanks to Faith, Krizia and Alexa for the photos!

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