Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas with the Rimases

122512. tuesday.

let me begin this post by greeting you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS! J 

what did you do on Jesus’ birthday? i spent HIS big day with my family, as usual. it has been an annual tradition. we’d all go to our Lola and Lolo’s house to celebrate and bond together. this is one of those events that any of the Rimases should not miss ‘coz rarely do we get the chance to be almost complete, if not complete. considering the big family that we have, there’ll always be one or two relatives absent. HAHAHA! to those who didn’t make it this year, you were still with us in spirit! J

these are the only photos on my phone. :)
Christmas is always beyond fantastic and awesome when spent with one's kin! our family is just so loud and superb. each has his/her own drama. that’s just who we are, and we have learned to accept each other wholeheartedly. all of us, we are who we are because of our family. J

introducing mia famiglia! hahaha! (just ignore my awkward smile, please. pahaha!)

wish everyone’s having a blast this Christmas season! today’s just the beginning of a long celebration, which means we still have more time to spend with our family and loved ones. also, i believe this is a great opportunity to thank the Man above for  everything we received and have yet to receive. this occasion is for and about HIM after all. 

go ahead, there’s no time to waste! enjoy! be merry! J

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