Monday, December 10, 2012

‘This Is Not A Christmas Party’ (Potluck Party)

120912. sunday.

yesterday, December 8, was craaaaaaazy and awesooooooome!
see that? our party's just too grand that it needed to have a teaser. HAHA!
first of all, you should know that we have friends who’re not Catholic (not talking about Paul and Jamie here. HAHA! joke! love you both.), which means some of our loves are not allowed to attend Christmas parties because it's considered a sin in their religion. the kind-hearted friends that we are(BWAHA), we had to find a way to make them attend the party without committing sin. the solution? hold a ‘This Is Not A Christmas Party’ Party! but mind you, we did exchange gifts! we reasoned out we did it just for the fun of it but not because it’s a Christmas tradition! clever! HAHAHA!J
clockwise from Top Left: Jamie's 'monthsary gift' from Je. HAHA; that's my kiss! even took the effort of putting lipstick for that. mwah! HAHA!; sweet chocolate gift!; artsy message from Je; and why is there a HAPPY BIRTHDAY bag?! HAHAHA!; tiny, tiny cupcake and cards. :); love that fluffy M&M's pillow! 
i never thought i'd get nata de coco for a gift, never crossed my mind. HAHAHA. thank you, puring!
Je, Kreng, Jusz, Puring, Jamie, Sarah, Moning, Jonas, Aileen, Camille, Pammy, and i were the ones who attended the parteeeyyy! everyone brought food, that’s why this is also a Potluck Party!J there were chocolate cakes, pasta, fruit salad, coffee jelly, buko pie, fries, buttered potatoes, lumpia, softdrinks, wine. lotsa lotsa food!Jwe were only 11, but heck our food was good for 30 people. you can only imagine how bloated all of us were. what’s funnier was, we kept on saying we already feel overfed, overstuffed, but we  just continued eating the whole day even so!(those buttered potatoes were my favorite that night! haha!)HAHA!
food’s always better when partnered with laughter and stories.J there was a lotta catching up, as always. with the way we missed each other, i can confidently say we have already covered all topics, from the most dramatic to the most hilarious to the nastiest. i’d rather not talk about them in detail here. believe me, you do not wanna know. HAHA.
wooohooooo! what an awesomazing party! we should definitely do this again, and we would. I LOVE THESE PEOPLE!J another get-together’s been set on January. excited!
BTW, big, big thanks to Kreng’s family, the Maligaya clan, for being so nice, patient and hospitable! THANK YOU! JJJ

*huge thanks to Jerome and Sarah for the photos!

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