Wednesday, November 28, 2012

‘series-ly speaking’

112312. friday.

you might be wondering what's with the title. truth is i don't know either. HAHA! i just had to insert the word ‘series.’ i had to find a way and this was the only thing i’ve come up with. i know, i know it doesn't make sense, but what can i do? my imagination is so poor. shame on me. let’s just move on from the title nonsense and go straight to this post’s topic… HAHA! but really, is the title that lame? HAHA. kidding. (can’t move on.)

time for my real post!

i’ve been on vacation for so long now. i have used all this free time to do the things i couldn’t when i was still so busy back in school, which is basically doing a marathon. no, not a footrace (i’m too lazy for that), not a road race (i barely know how to start a motorcycle), but a movie-book-series marathon (now, that’s where i’m very good at)! yes, every stressed person’s idea of a perfect breather. WELCOME TO MY GOOD LIFE.JJJ

movies, check. books, check. now, SERIESSSS OVERLOAD.

these TV series are the  reason for my lack of sleep in the past months. HAHAHA. they are to blame. the severity of my addiction is to the extreme. if they were cigarettes and i were a smoker, you'd see me already lighting a cigar while still finishing and puffing one in my mouth. that's just how i've been so hooked to these shows. i just wanted to watch all of them at once, if only i could. i slash every season of every series, episode by episode by episode. after i finish one, i start with the next on my list right away. there ain’t no stopping now. there were days, many days, when all i did was wake up, have lunch, go straight to my laptop, and watch until the wee hours, until my eyes bleed (that’s figurative. HAHA!). if you're watching any of these, you sure as hell would understand. you'd definitely understand. HAHAHA!

i wanna share with you some of the series i'm so into right now.

starring Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Ed Westwick, Penn Badgely, Chace Crawford

Gossip Girl’s story follows the lives of the privileged young elites in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, beginning from high school until they have graduated.

who in the world doesn’t know about Gossip Girl? every teenage girl has to know this show because it is the ultimate romance and drama series. it is now on its sixth and final season. you can only imagine how tangled the relationships during the past five seasons have been, but Season 6 is now here to decide who ends with who. OMG, i can’t wait to find out what’s gonna happen with Serena, Dan, Nate, Blair, and Chuck! rooting for team CHAIR! HAHA. fangirl mode on!J

starring Kiefer Sutherland, David Mazouz, Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Martin Bohm is a widower who raises a son suffering from mutism, Jake. when Martin realized his son uses numbers to communicate, he also figured out that Jake has a gift of predicting the future. they work as a team to put things where they should be and make things happen.

this is a touching story showing how our lives connect and touch. it explains how everything we do, no matter how big or small, has an effect on other people’s lives. it’s even more touching when everything gets settled - family members reunited, people saved, a person finding his peace, and more. after every episode, there’s always a certain realization about life and people, about how, in many different ways, this whole universe is a work of wonder. lemme just add this, Jake is one gifted kid!J

starring Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer, John Gallagher, Jr., Alison Pill, Dev Patel

Will McAvoy, a news anchor, used to be comfortable with his cable show’s set up until MacKenzie McHale, an executive producer and his ex-lover, turns up to reformat his program into a worthy news source.

The Newsroom is quite close to my heart, well, because the story is related with the course i took up in college.J by watching this, you get to see what happens behind the camera of a news show, all the drama and issues. i get all emotional every time. the story, the  characters are all very touching. the characters’ dedication, hard work and ingenuity are all amazing. this series makes me appreciate my course even more.J

starring Andrew Lincoln, Laurie Holden, Jon Bernthal, Sarah Wayne Callies, Steven Yeun

as Rick Grimes keeps his family safe, he also meets other humans who fight to survive the invasion of the ‘walkers’ along the way. together, they look for a hiding place away from the zombies.

i love The Walking Dead!!! on top of all the creepy zombies is a story of survival and human struggle. thought i wouldn’t enjoy this ‘coz i’m not a fan of zombie-starred shows, but heck i go ga-ga over it now. so, so exciting and action-packed! HAHA! i’m gonna do a marathon of S03 when the whole season’s done! i can’t wait! been hearing a lot of good reviews. HAHA!

starring Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Anna Gunn, Dean Norris, RJ Mitte, Bob Odenkirk

Walter White, a Chemistry genius who ended up teaching in a high school, was diagnosed with lung cancer. he teamed up with Jesse Pinkman, his former student, in cooking and selling crystal meth to save for his family’s future.

OMG OMG OMG! Breaking Bad is my ultimate love! i got so emotionally involved with this series, especially with the characters! try doing a marathon of all five seasons every day for a month, then tell me who wouldn’t get so attached. HAHAHA. i thought i wouldn’t like it at first because the first seasons were not in very good quality, not so HD.J as i made progress, i understood why it’s become one of the best series eva’. i unconsciously and gradually fell in love with Breaking Bad. i even reached a point when i didn’t feel my day’s complete without a dose of Walt and Jesse. HAHA! thanks to Puring for recommending this. Summer 2013, please come fast! can’t wait for Season 6!

i love you, Jesse Pinkman! you’re so cute and cool!

starring Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams, Rick Hoffman, Meghan Markle

Harvey Specter, a top corporate lawyer, saw that Mike Ross, a brilliant college dropout, has a potential and gave him a chance to work as an associate at Pearson-Hardman.

another ultimate favorite of mine! i love Suits to the umpteenth power! i was always a fan of stories with cool characters and brilliant plots, so it didn’t come as a surprise when i got so hooked with Suits. i was only on the first five minutes of the first episode when i told myself that this was going to be fun. it was indeed! everything about it is just amazing and thrilling! plus, their exchange of witty dialogues is like music to my ears. an awesome discourse delivered by awesome characters is agsghgdhghdgfdghfghjkl! i must say, Mike Ross is a genius but Harvey Specter is the real badass! holy fuck. i sooo love you, Harvey! if only i were that cool! HAHAHA! Season 3 will premiere this January, so i’ll just have to be a little more patient. woof-woof! J

and because of this show, Ima Robot’s Greenback Boogie and Gotye’s Smoke and Mirrors have become a favorite.

that’s it! those were my favorites. HAHAHA. i am now thinking of checking out other recommended series like Person of Interest, Arrow, New Girl, Misfits, and American Horror Story.J which should i watch first?

quite a loooong post, i must say. sorry.J to simply explain how i really feel…

"@BookOfComedy: That awkward moment when you finish a TV show series and you don't know what to do with your life anymore." (from Twitter)J

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