Saturday, November 10, 2012

ultraviolet goofiness

110912. friday.

last wednesday, there was a blackout in our place. our night had been filled with nothing but darkness. *insert eerie sound effects here* seems pretty spooky? okay, enough of the creeps ‘coz this ain’t some post-Halloween entry. HAHA. actually, the Meralco people just had to fix something with the electric cables, so the current was totally shut down. people acted with unease as they weren't used to it, but not us, not me, my niece and my two nephews.

alyanna, adi, aeron, and i made the most out of the darkness. we found a better way to spend the night with alyanna's ‘invisible pens’! so, what's so special about this pen? you just gotta draw anything anywhere and nobody can read it unless you point ultraviolet light at it. sounds like fun, right? HAHA. i was feeling playful, so i told them to draw anything on me. they drew on my face as if it were paper. HAHAHA.

the results? HURRAH!!! (please don't judge our goofiness. HAHAHA.)
those are actually names of Alyanna's crushes on her legs. HAHA
after people see this, they won't have a tad bit of respect left for me. HAHA.
look at what they did to my face. HAHA! the neon orange-colored rubber of my braces joins the fun. HAHA.
that’s what happens when the lights are out and the kids are around. the supposedly strange night turned out to be a goofy one! thanks to the invisible pens! J 

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