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102612. friday.

introducing another BDSM-themed book in the house! HAHA. so, i guess all the noise these erotic novels are making hasn’t faded yet, huh? this is the third book i’ve read from the same genre. (the second one’s Bared To You by Sylvia Day but i haven’t posted it yet, so just please bear with me. HAHAHA.)

The Diary of a Submissive is a true to life erotica. it is a published memoir of Sophie Morgan where she recounts how she discovered and progressed with her submissive tendencies, how she dealt with it in the course of her life set in this modern time. here, she talks about her fears, hopes, and thoughts as a sub.
Hurting someone who wants to be hurt is not only not a bad thing, it’s practically a cathartic kindness. – Sophie

first of all, i just wanna say its tagline, ‘A Real Fifty Shades of Grey’, is so darn catchy. it’s that tagline that’ll make you want to give it a second look after a passing scan the first time, then you’ll see yourself so intrigued. i was like, “real life, seriously? now that’s something!” plus, God knows i’ve been so into Fifty Shades of Grey, so… HAHA!

knowing that it is a real life story is like having a reaffirmation of a given fact. i’m saying we already know that, yeah, this BDSM thing exists, but this account makes it easier for us to believe and understand everything about it. also, people usually tend to think of what they read as something exaggerated if it’s fiction, which i think is true most of the time. with The Diary of a Submissive, i guess the narrative had not been written with exaggeration and too much aestheticism since it’s a true to life story. it only helps you have the closest possible reflection of what a dominant/submissive relationship in real life is like.

The more I like you, the more time we spend together, the harder it is for me to dominate you. - James

of course, you can expect many detailed graphic descriptions of sexy and kinky scenes. the way she narrated them was too visual. the fact that these things really took place, not just some made up scenarios, made it more shocking and harder to digest. better prepare yourselves for what’s to come. you’ve been warned. HAHA.

i like that part when Sophie Morgan tried to make the readers see her being submissive as only one of the many facets that make her who she is, along with her being a British, a journalist, a daughter, etc. i appreciate her effort in implying that she is not an abnormal or defective individual, that every person has something strange in him/her and it just so happens that this is that ‘something’ in her case.

I could cope with anything life threw at me with a fairly calm head and a sense of humour. – Sophie

Sophie Morgan is an image of a modern-day woman who lives with such submissive inclination. since this is set in the context of the present time, it’s easier to picture out everything. the novel also was able to show, in hindsight, how great Internet’s influence could be to people with such lifestyle, how in simple ways it became of great help.

i know i was supposed to feel bad and sorry for her, to feel debased and disrespected as a woman on my part, but i felt enlightened and educated instead. all those parts that were supposed to shock me became such eye-opening moments in their place. it’s worth reading because i learned a lot from it. i learned what a sub’s mindset is like, what they actually feel during D/s sex, and where do they get the gratification from it. i realized how being a submissive doesn’t come easy. it is a challenge, on their part, to find that someone who complements their needs/wants.

i salute Sophie Morgan for coming out and telling her story. man does it take a lotta guts to share something so overwhelming and bizarre. with the main purpose of only sharing her life story, i think what she did also helped those who do and don’t have the same lifestyle, those who do and don’t understand people like her. 

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