Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Wow, it’s been a long while since the first time I did a post for this series. It’s not to say that my previous weekends were humdrum. (They were anything but that. *winks*) It’s just that I never really had much opportunity to document many of my whereabouts. And when laziness strikes sometimes, it strikes hard and for weeks on end and gives birth to all excuses I can think of to convince myself not to bother posting. But today I’m feeling positive, itching to just type whatever crosses my mind and wanting to let go of some unnecessary tension, so here goes… (Also, I have a few snappies to support and keep this post interesting.)

Technically, weekends start on Saturday. But knowing that I belong to the middle class eight-to-fivers, I consider that critical period from 5PM onwards every Friday to be the start of not minding adult life and embracing social mayhem. Who gets into the same mood?
There was no better way to open the weekend madness habit than a nice buffet. It was unlimited kare-kare and lechon kawali for me at Cabalen ATC last Friday. I shyly tagged along with the boyfriend to join in the birthday dinner of Lola Itang – 79 and still groovy! We occupied about ¾ of the restaurant, so we did what we pleased. We were back and forth the buffet tables, both to munch on or just eye everything that was being served. Chocolate fondue was my nightcap!

His clan is the best anyone could have for a new extended family – warm, welcoming and caring people.

Saturday was for some boyfriend quality day out and late night dinner date. That’s all. Hihi. Bye.
Hahahaha! Look at Queen Elsa, Incredible Hulk and Superman! Aren't they the cutest?!?!
Come Sunday, meeting with the college mates for the June babies’ celebration happened. We didn’t have any grand plan for the day, but a videoke and a cake did the trick. We were mababaw like that! Too bad only Jerome of all the celebrators showed up; we missed Marfi.

It was also the eve of St. Peter’s feast which meant more food for us courtesy of the Maligayas. Thank you for the hospitality!

I would also like to greet all my other dear ones who celebrated their birthday this June – college mates Joanah and Jamie, niece Nicole, cousin Jaycee, and, most importantly, the best dad to ever live, Danilo! We love you, Daddy! Happy birthday, everyone! Hope you all had a blast! :)

Weekends are complete with loved ones.


*Photos by Heidi Dela Cruz, Paul Maunahan and yours truly! :)

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