Thursday, April 23, 2015

THIS JUST IN Vol. 2: New Binge x New Splurge x New Eats

Well, life’s still life. It goes on – pretty quickly actually. So… I am sharing here some of the new stuff that came in/took place during the previous months first.


Yes to Game of Thrones Seasons 2, 3 and 4 – hell to the yeah! The politics going on between kingdoms and inside each clan is what amuses my fancy mind so much. It’s fascinatingly intriguing, the flavorful politics. Love it!

Also, there are way too many additions to the already tons of characters and subplots to go crazy about. The dragons are my hero at present. I see them as the ones most likely to take over if ever a kingdom-wide battle begins soon. The son of Stannis caught me a little off guard, though (because what’s really up with the shadow son?!), but I’m still going to give it the benefit of the doubt. We’ll see what happens in the coming seasons. Hope its existence will serve an awesome purpose. And then there are the White Walkers! It’s like GOT meets The Walking Dead, and that surely ought to make a good combo. :)

Related but unimportant and I’m also not proud of this, I’m now playing Clash of Clans simply because it reminds me so much of GOT, and I like imagining myself leading my own village GOT-style.

And the twists, baaam! Right in our freaking faces! Without knowing what, where and why things happen, things happen. Why do all the characters I root for die? Why?! Hahaha!

S05 is already happening! Can’t wait to be back in King’s Landing!


I have decided to take on the challenge of slashing one film after another off the list of the 99 MINDFUCK MOVIES sent to me by my friend Kreng. I have an initial headstart of already watching eight of 99 which isn’t much I must admit, but those eight were just super crazy and twisted and mindblowing that they motivate me to get on with this list. I am not sure if all the movies here will appeal to me, though, as most were filmed during the ‘80s and ‘90s. Haha. Whatever, I’ll try watching everything and decide for myself which ones are my yeah-bsolute favorites.

But then again, I know for sure I’ll feel dizzy watching, so I’ll have to be mentally ready first. Until then, I shall keep them hidden in my laptop. Lol


FINALLY, AN AIR MAX FOR MYSELF! I had been on the lookout for the dopest (wow, dopest hahaha) Air Max 90 around. I had seen some of the most kickass ones pass me by because I didn’t have the money to burn at the time, so I was so stoked when I was able to put my hands on a really nice pair at last. It’s very retro! I’ve been wearing sneakers for far too long that it felt kind of different when I first tried on my AMs, different in a nice way. My new kicks can be an eye turner on their own even when they have very simple colorways or even when paired with the most normcore outfits I can think of. Also, if I’m not mistaken, they are my first ever Nike shoes. What?! Oh, well. J I’m ready for the streets! By the way, super late but belated Happy Air Max Day!
My eyes are eyeing the AM1s this time. Oh, shoot. ;)

Also, I got an art work for a gift! How awesome is that?! J I just ran an errand, and I got home with a pretty painting from Ate Sarita, a relative from Daddy’s side. Cool thaaaang! Why didn’t I get her skillzz?! Hahaha. I have always admired her creative hands ever since we were kids, and this token just takes me back to childhood and beautiful drawings. Happy memories!

Since my first post under the food segment of this blog series, my nothing-can-get-more-amateurish potato experiment has been followed up with a few other simple recipes which I’m proud of despite the easiness of said preps. This also has become a routine I always look forward to since the boyfriend and I made this one of our chances to further bond. Food is the third wheel in this relationship. Lol (I guess there’s no questioning why we’re getting flabbier and flabbier each day huhuhaha). Tacos, quesadillas and, now, pizzas! *insert heart-shaped eyes here* They tasted so good!!! We just used the ready-made dough available in the supermarket. We topped our pizza with pepperoni and bacon. We all know nothing could go wrong with bacon, so yes, it was a pretty successful try. We made pizzas twice already. We used mini dough the first time and regular-sized ones the second time. Such a delightful feeling to learn something new!
What should we try making next?


Holy Week went by just like that. I didn’t even feel the long break, but at least my family and I were still able to join everyone in our little barangay in the annual Way of the Cross last Good Friday as we followed the 14 Stations of the Cross from our San Isidro Labrador Church to the comboni on the hilltop. It was an opportune chance to fast, reflect and pray. It was my own little sacrifice, my panata. Grateful for the experience, as always.

(Edited late post)

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