Friday, April 6, 2012

Way of the Cross

040612. good friday.

i woke up very early today because this is no ordinary friday. it's Good Friday, a time to repent for the sins we made and look back on the things the Man above did for us.

i've been joining this annual activity since i don't know when,  probably the moment i had consciousness of this world. HAHA. i never missed DAANG KRUS from the time i started participating, well, that is as far as i can remember. HAHA! 

it was 7 am when we began. from the church, we worked our way up the hill. yearly, people from our barangay take part in this activity as this has already become their panataThis is one nice way of spending holy week, remembering Christ and his efforts to make our lives better.

so what happens during this DAANG KRUS?
a few minutes to rest at the comboni and we're good to go again.
ragged, busted, torn. my companion all throughout the walk.
people walk around the barangay then up the hill having pauses from time to time to pray. for every station, one man will act as Jesus and carry the cross, then one woman will lead the prayer. there are actually two groups for this daang krus, the group which comes from the west and the other from the east side of the barangay. the two groups meet at the 11th station in the comboni missionaries' place found on top of the hill. together, they go down and finish the way of the cross in the church where it all began.

we finished at around 11 am. i must say it was less tiring than the previous ones we had. the scorching heat of the sun was still annoying though. aside from enriching my spirituality, i just had the exercise i need. i haven't had any stretching for a long time. a four-hour walk is what my body has been looking for. 

DAANG KRUS felt so good spiritually and physically.

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