Wednesday, April 4, 2012


040412. wednesday.

i visited my good friend katrina earlier. we spent the time chatting, eating and laughing.

before i went home, she asked me to accompany her to the peryahan 'coz she suddenly wanted popcorn. i was like, "cool! let's go!" 

when we got there, we felt like riding the CATERPILLAR. but after seeing the condition of the ride, we changed our minds. don't wanna experience "final destination" in that perya. hahaha!

then, i saw those stalls where you can play. i got interested. we came to one of the stations and we played! HAHAHA. 

here're the game mechanics:

1. pay P10.
2. the girl gives you a gun with 12 pellets in it.
3. shoot as many ducks, pigs, or soldiers as you can.
4. the prize depends on how many of these things fall down.

while shooting, there were a lot of funny encounters. there were times when katrina and i were shooting too near (we could just poke it instead of shooting it) but still that soldier or duck or pig just wouldn't go down! hahaha! then, there would be times when it would just move and not fall, meaning it's still not counted! haha! there was also a time when katrina picked the pellets that i used and give them back to me so i could use them again! i didn't only have 12 shots. hahaha!

with the joint efforts of me and katrina, we were able to shoot down FOUR toys!
you see those vacant spots? there's where the toys we shot used to stand! haha!
and because of that, we got a prize!

here's katrina holding the popcorn we bought and the OHEYA, our prize! haha!
it was one fun night! it brought me back to my childhood days, the days when those prizes were the only things we asked for. HAHA.

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