Monday, April 2, 2012

spiritually enhanced

040112. sunday.

it was last thursday when we had our RETREAT. everyone was excited. though the rain almost spoiled the fun, the whole day retreat still went well.
we were joined by some COE students, EE and IE, who were cooperative in all the activities. they never showed shyness even when there was us, people they didn't know that time. the awkwardness lessened as time went by.

sir james was our retreat master. in fairness to him, he was able to let our emotions inside be expressed and let our realizations dawn upon us. he talked to us about self-worth, family's importance and God's role in our lives. he made us sing songs that were related to the topics we discussed. there were even times when he made us sing with actions. there were a lot of songs, like A LOT! haha! i couldn't remember all of them though. hahaha! one of the activities i enjoyed was that part where he asked us to touch parts of whoever's body while he was singing depending on what he wanted us to touch. for example, if he said knees, then we'd have to touch the knees of whoever's in the room. hahaha! fun! 

it was a jam-packed day. it was originally a two-day retreat but they decided to push all the activities in one day which is why there was not a minute wasted. it's all right though! after every break, we have to go back to the hall right away! haha!
before we had mass, we got the chance to confess our sins. i was soo happy since it was already four years ago when i last made my confession. i have made millions of sins and i feel it's about time i ask for forgiveness. hehe! after it, i felt so clean and light inside. then, there was the mass. i'd like to share that marfi was part of the choir that night! she fulfilled her dream of becoming a singer. i'm proud of her! just like what they say, it's never too late for your dreams. hahaha!
i've come to see the importance of these spiritual exercises as a preparation when we leave school to start a new life outside. we all know it will never be easy when we get there so we better start unloading heavy burdens. :)

i'd like to thank the engineering students for being so nice and forthcoming. we found new friends in them. i'm grateful that they have opened themselves to us as we did to them. they were not scared to show their weaknesses, they weren't even scared to cry when they know we can see. 

oh, i almost forgot! haha!

i'd like you to meet FAFA ER! hahaha! 
thanks to je for editing! this is cuteeee! haha! 
Erwin is my new found love! haha! an IE student who i happen to meet during the retreat! haha! THIS IS LOVE. haha!

*thanks to je for the photos!

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