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I’ve been doing this series for quite a while now. And even when this is my own making, I still get confused about what I actually mean when I say weekend.

As a personal definition and for this particular blog series, weekend may refer to Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, 5PM onwards after work on a Friday, work-off days, or days when I’m absent at work.

THE WKND SPECIAL Vol. 7 is the gist of my life for the month of June. I thought it was going to end being just another one of those humdrum months.

June 05, 2016 | Drew Gabriel’s 1st Birthday

Drew Gabriel is my workmate Nick and friend Danica’s son whose baptism Jeck (godfather) and I weren’t able to attend. We kind of wanted to make up for that absence by attending his 1st birthday party.

Drew is such a fluff ball overflowing with cheeks and fatness. His birthday was a simple gathering of their family and friends with a little Doraemon-themed party for the kids.
We went home with some photo souvenirs to remember this day by. So nice, right?

Belated happy birthday again, Drew! Stay cute!

June 18, 2016 | The Conjuring 2 Date

When was the last time I’d been to the cinemas? Oh, wait. It was just a few weeks back when I watched Love Me Tomorrow with mommy to satisfy her movie craving.

But with friends? I can’t even remember! So it was a good call when Julie and Katrina invited me for a spontaneous movie date. Yes, please!
In fairness, The Conjuring 2 was a goody. No, let me correct that. It was way better than the first movie installment. I admit I had some serious screaming moments. I couldn’t help it. Big screens and creepy faces don’t mix well for me. I’m not really brave or anything, but I still enjoy torturing and scaring myself with all these horror movies. Aside from some crazy horror content, there was also drama, romance and slight comedy which made it much nicer. There was even that one moment where right after an intense scene, everyone, including me, applauded in triumph and relief. We were that carried away.  
Btw, huge thanks to Julie Ann for the movie treat! Next time again, yes? :)

June 24, 2016 | Basaan Festival 2016 | MTV Music Evolution

I wasn’t really keen on joining Basaan Festival 2016 that morning in Calamba City because it sounded a lot like hassle to me. Splashing water all over me while parading my whole self in the streets? Uhm, no thanks.
This was why I was glad I, together with Jason, participated anyway because it was surprisingly fun. While parading with all the other attendees, we were being water showered by fire trucks. But not just us.  All students, passersby, bystanders, sari-sari stores, food chains, schools, even funeral parlors covered by the procession route were not spared from the entire wet snafu.
And people couldn’t do a darned thing about it. They couldn’t complain, weren’t allowed to because it was all part of a fest, a tradition. And that made it all the more fun.

Basaan Festival 2016 was celebrated in honor of the Feast of Saint John the Baptist.

Come the gloomy afternoon, I was off to attend MTV Music Evolution 2016 at the SM MOA Concert Grounds.

I went to see some acts perform, but, most importantly, I went because I wanted to be with friends again. I hadn’t seen my college mates for a month or so then, and I consider that a long time already since I’m used to seeing them often. I was reunited with Jerome, Jonas, Kreng, Liezette, and Masa that night.
Fest-wise, it didn’t go well for us. The stage set was really nice. It was huge, full of party vibes and well-coordinated. The lineup of performers listed big names from both the local and international scenes. What went wrong, the only thing that went wrong of all the things that could have gone wrong, was the weather.
I had no idea a tropical depression was forming that day. It was a vicious cycle of it raining then stopping then raining again for hours. So even when we were provided with free disposable raincoats, we were still drenched in rainwater. And it wasn’t just that, we were also wet in sweat because 1) it felt hot wearing the coat and 2) we were like sardines along with the other fest-goers squeezing and tugging at each other while watching.
We were unable to last long in such a pathetic situation, so we left halfway through the concert. The only acts we got to watch were the local ones and zero international artists who we really wanted to see, huhuhuhu. No OneRepublic and Bebe Rexha for us!

June 26, 2016 | Lola Itang’s 80th Birthday

Even when Lola Itang already passed away and despite the heaviness in that loss, the Dela Cruz Clan still made sure to celebrate her 80th birthday.
It surely would’ve been a happier celebration had she been there with us alive, but we took what we could get. We just opted to visit her in the cemetery and share some good food and good Lola Itang memories together.

Happy birthday, Lola Itang! Take care up there!

June 29, 2016 | Amber’s Baptism | Feast of Saint Peter | Abakom June Babies’ Birthday Surprise

Yesterday was a big day because my college friends and I celebrated the abovementioned big things.

I don’t know how many godsons and goddaughters I already have. All I’m sure of is the list in which Amber is the newest addition keeps on growing. I’m not complaining because I’m happy to be godmothering such a charming little baby.

Welcome to the Christian world, my love!
It was also a good thing that her baptism was done just in time for the Feast of Saint Peter because I happen to love feasts. They mean great desserts and friends.
And since this was a time we knew many of us college friends would come together, we didn’t pass up the chance to throw a simple birthday surprise for our June babies – Jerome, Joanah, Jamie, and Marfi. It was a bit sad that only Jerome and Joanah got to attend, but we were happy to see they liked our little gifts to them.
S/o to Liezette for baking the yummy cupcakes and Jason for doing the layout for the party hats and cupcake toppers.

Happy birthday, guys! Let’s all be older and wiser together!

Looking back now, I can tell the recent weekends have been full of socializations after all.

Photo sources: Kalan + Banga etc. Facebook page, Antoniette Pulutan, yours truly

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